Brothers are such a special gift!


I’ve given birth seven times now, and six of those times watched the child(ren) anticipate, receive and adapt to life with a new family member. It’s always such a joy to see how the children respond, each with their own unique personality. Connor’s response, and sure confidence that he was going to have a baby brother has been especially fun to watch. He’s pretty much over the moon about his baby brother. I keep wondering if this sweetness will eventually wear off, but every morning Jack is greeted with sweet words and hugs and kisses and greedy little hands that want to hold him even before I nurse him (of course Jack just wants to get down to business and eat his breakfast). As soon as he’s done eating, Connor is waiting to hold him. He usually happily goes with his big brother, which is nice! Yesterday Jack was crying on the floor, he had slipped off the couch because Connor was trying to give him a piggy back ride! Thankfully he wasn’t hurt :)

Connor was telling me the other day, “when I’m a daddy and Jack is my baby…” I said, “oh hon, when you are a daddy Jack will be a man.” He says surprised, “Really?!! Will I be a man too?!!” :) Connor is at such a precious age. Every age has it’s challenges, he is really coming out of that toddler stage and into the kid stage which can be a tough transition. It’s so nice to stop every once in a while and really appreciate your children’s strengths. He is a tender, loving and thoughtful boy. He’s very sensitive and will get his feelings hurt very easily when he feels like he’s been left out by his older brothers and sisters. The result can turn into hitting or biting or just lashing out in anger. But on the other hand, when he’s treated with kindness and respect he is very generous and loving. Every one of our children has been a learning experience in mothering. I have not always had clarity in why one of my children is acting a certain way and have had to seek much wisdom from my Heavenly Father, who is gracious in giving wisdom when His children ask. My desire this year is that I will have greater patience with these beautiful children, and will resist the temptation to use harsh words to deal with my kids. I want to teach them to control their anger, and the best way to teach them is to resist that temptation myself, it’s not easy.

I thank God every day for my sweet little Connor boy. He drives me to my knees seeking the Lord’s grace and wisdom, he humbles me with his ability to quickly forgive me my wrongs, and gush his love for his mommy all over! I love the way he loves, and what a joy it is seeing this new side of him as a big brother to a baby brother. He’s taken on the role of being a good example to his baby, and I can only imagine how close these two will be as they grow up, what a precious gift!

How can you not love this sweet boy?! :)


Okay, and this one too for that matter!

Happy Jack!

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5 Responses to Brothers are such a special gift!

  1. Kelley says:

    Jenni~~again you have me in tears! Good job momma, you a blessed with the simple things in life, the things that really matter!! ❤❤👨👩👦👦👧👧👦👧👶

  2. nanajudi says:

    I do love that Connor boy!!! Kelley, yesterday at Nana School, Connor said to me, “Nana, you know why I’m being so nice?”
    “Why, Connor?”
    “Because I don’t want a spanking.”
    “So you’ve learned how to not get spankings? And you will obey Mommy the first time she tells you to do something?”
    “Well, if I’m making something with Legos, I”ll hurry up and finish, and THEN I will obey!”
    “Oh, no, Connor, you have to put down your Legos, obey Mommy, and then come back and finish your thing!”
    He wasn’t quite sure about that, but didn’t argue with me!!

  3. Kelley says:

    Judi~I too love my time being Mimi . I love reminding them that honouring momma is always first so when you hear momma’s voice stop what you are doing and say….. Yes momma? And when she calls run faster faster all the way to momma’s arms because momma has lots to teach you before you become mighty men!!

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