Reading…and cats sometimes don’t go hand in hand.

I think our kitty Jessie needs some of her own babies. She has the insatiable desire to bathe any and everyone who will sit still long enough for her to get a few licks in. If I’m not paying close attention, Jack will end up with a bit of a hair washing while I’m nursing. Inevitably he will stop to find out what’s going on with the top of his head, she will wait patiently for him to resume nursing so she can wash him again and will only go away if I force the issue.

The kids are not quite as excited about her washings as she is. Today Eamon was laying on the floor reading and she just sat next to him quietly looking at his book, then she would put a paw on his shoulder as if to test to see if he was paying attention.

Um...what ya reading?

Still reading? Hmmm. long are you going to read? Because you kind of need a bath.

Okay, if you don’t mind, I just noticed that you have a spot…just hold still…that needs just a little washing.

Okay, you're still reading but I'm serious about the bath. Nevermind, I'll take care of it.

No that’s fine, I’m done. I’m just washing my arm here.

I wasn't licking you, I was licking my arm.

Cats are funny creatures. We get some good laughs, well except for Victoria. She is not amused by the kitties, but she does like to boss them around. :) Life is good, we are so blessed.

Just found this one of Jessie “tolerating” Victoria, and can I just say, look at that hair?!!!
Jessie is totally tolerating X5Victoria, love me some baby girl! Cars


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2 Responses to Reading…and cats sometimes don’t go hand in hand.

  1. Virginia says:

    Funny! I understand, Jessie, everybody needs a few sweet babies!

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