Saying Goodbye to an Amazing Woman…

Today we say "See you later" to our beautiful auntie Dottie

This morning my great aunt Dottie went home to be with her Lord after several years of fighting cancer. She is my grandmother Jean Webster’s baby sister, and aside from my grandpa was her dearest friend.

When I think of my aunt Dot, I can’t help but think about how much she loved her husband Wes. She and he were a tremendous example of what God intended when He created marriage. Selfless, all the time kind of love. I feel so honored to have had the joy of watching them together, and I pray for my uncle that he will find comfort in the loved ones around him.

Things that I loved about aunt Dot; she was full of life, she loved to sing and laugh, I have memories of seeing her dancing with uncle Wes, she enjoyed him. I can’t tell you how much of an impact the two of them along with my own grandmother and grandfather have made on my life. As a young lady I watched them, and longed for that camaraderie. I thank God for the beautiful heritage I have been given, and I pray that when my love and I are old that we will glorify our Father with our lives as much as this precious lady and her dear man have done in their days together on this earth.

Rest in peace auntie Dot, thank you for being you. You will be greatly missed, and remembered by many.

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  1. Terri Henry says:

    Very sweet. Thanks for sharing.
    Auntie Terri

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