A trip home to see Grandma Webster

Last week Grandma had a bad spell and for a couple days we didn’t know if she was going to recover. But some anitbiotics and a fixed oxygen tube and she is doing much better. But in the mean time I felt like it was necessary to make the trip to go and see her and show off my baby boy Jack, her youngest great grand child, he’s her 86th great grandchild!


She smiled when she saw him :) And he snuggled right in to her lap and having one of her grandbabies in her lap, there is probably not much else that makes her happier. My sis is feeding her a yummy healthy smoothie she made for grandma, and she drained the cup, we were all so proud!


Speaking of grandbabies, here are her three youngest great grandson’s, Jack, Timmy and Toby :) Precious boys!

Jack is thinking, I’m glad it’s you and not me Timmy!


Aidan and some of my other kids made grandma cards, he was so proud of his card :) She isn’t very responsive these days but it’s neat to see how he understands that and was okay with her lack of response. A bunch of cousins and aunties and uncles came over that night and we all sang hymns for grandma while she ate her dinner. It was so nice to sing and praise the Lord with my family, I think it ministered to her spirit. She’s a woman who has left such an amazing legacy, it’s hard to see her slowly fading. I love you grandma Jean, I’m so thankful you are my grandmother.


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3 Responses to A trip home to see Grandma Webster

  1. Nana Joan says:

    What beautiful pictures, Jenni! Grandma Jean is such a precious saint! I’m glad she had some awake time during your visit. Jack will treasure this photo when he is older.

  2. Nana Joan says:

    And of course, Aidan will, too! :)

  3. Rebecca Torres says:

    It was a wonderful time together. Thank you Chris and Jenni for your sacrifice to make that trip happen. I know it cost more money than you had to spend but I know you will never regret it. I love spending time with your family, so glad you were able to come over for a minute (or two)jj
    Siempre Amor

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