Victoria’s Babies


Victoria is two, and God made two-year-olds super cute for a reason. She is at such a precious stage in her development. She LOVES babies as you can see in the above picture, and the more the merrier! She brings at least one wherever she goes and usually encourages (rather firmly) that the rest of the world show her babies the same respect that she shows them. “Say hi baboo.” Which would translate, “Say hi to kangaroo.” Her babies talk to each other, talk to other people and they can be very polite. In fact I even get her to willingly go to bed at times under the false information that “Baboo” told me he was really sleepy. But it works, and she often nurses her babies before she snuggles them under the covers with her, yes covers are a must. Would you want YOUR baby to go without covers? Neither does she, she’s such a good mommy. ;)

Here Monkey, sit up straight!

Here you go Monkey, you sit in my chair while I eat my lunch. Sometimes I have to wipe Monkey’s mouth, or help her change his diaper :)

And just possibly some of this mommying has a little to do with this precious little bundle. I captured this sweet little kiss that she stole from her smiley baby :)

Every good mom has a “don’t mess with my baby” look, right? This is just her “warning” face, you don’t want to see the really angry look face!

This little mommy has varied talents, while her babies are sleeping you will often find her working hard in the kitchen preparing something healthy for the family to eat!

And there you go, salad for all!

Always anxious to get back to her real job! I’m so thankful my little girl loves her babies so much! These are very precious times. My heart is full.

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