Is it fall already?!! Life just wont slow down!

Well, here I am. My baby Jack is already 3 months old and I’ve let time and my journal slip away from me. But I’m not going to cry over it, Chris just bought me a laptop last night and I feel a new sense of inspiration, and well actually mostly this is a new machine and the process of uploading, storing, and blogging my photos is MUCH easier than with my last computer. I am going to start blogging again!!! It’s been way too long!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve started another school year. Here are my eager little pre-schoolers headed over to nana school. They love it, and I think their nana enjoys it too. She’s been such a blessing!!


And the latest news, Eamon just lost his first upper tooth. Isn’t a little boy who is missing a tooth just one of the cutest things ever? Love this boy, he’s so precious!

All for now but I’ll be back, you can click through the pics. My boy needs his dinner and it’s late. Goodnight all!!

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