Why the name “Jack”?

"My baby Jack" is finally here!

Some of you have asked why we picked the name “Jack” for our baby boy? So I thought I would write it down for memory’s sake. Since we announced that we were expecting another baby to our children, Connor was sure it was a boy. He often would announce to anyone who would listen, “I’m going to have a baby brother, and I’m going to call him Jack.” This was part of the reason we decided to find out the gender of the baby before he was born, we didn’t want Connor to be horribly disappointed if he found out upon the birth of his sibling that “his baby brother” was actually a “baby sister” :)

When we told the kids that we were having a boy after our 20 week ultrasound, all the kids were excited and surprised, except for Connor who seemed to just “know” :) He has been such a sweet boy this whole pregnancy, he would come up to my tummy and ask, “is my baby brother sleeping? can he hear me?” Then he would talk to him in a high pitched voice, telling him he loved him, telling him he was going to play with him. He would often hug and kiss my tummy to make sure his brother knew him when he comes out.

I can remember wishing my mom would have another baby when I was little, and feeling that longing in my heart to have someone littler than me to bond with and play with. Throughout this pregnancy I’ve been reminded of that feeling when I was little, and I can see that same yearning in my little Connor, wanting a baby brother so badly, it’s just precious.

This name “Jack” though didn’t begin with just Connor, our older boys wanted to name just about all of our children Jack and we’ve always discarded the idea. Until this pregnancy, when we found out we were indeed having a boy both Chris and I felt like Jack just fit this time. Jack means “God is gracious”. This pregnancy was a pretty challenging one for me, as well as the labor and delivery. I’ve often thought in my heart, “I don’t know how much more I can take”, and then God would remind me of what Jack’s name meant, “God is gracious.” And I would reach out to Him and find the sufficient grace of God to sustain me through another trying season of the pregnancy. I think that our little Jack is indeed a gift of God’s grace to our family. I look at him and am in awe of the love that wells up in my heart for this little person. After I delivered him and he was laying there naked on my tummy I heard myself saying to him, “I love you Jack!” Here is a child we have never met before and yet we love him, through the grace of God our hearts grow bigger with each child that is placed in our arms. I used to worry back when I only had one child, that I wouldn’t have enough love for a lot of children. Now I know that love is a gift from the God of love, and our hearts are truly full today!

It brings me so much joy to see our children holding and loving on their new baby brother, their hearts have stretched again as well to fit another sweet sibling to care for and watch grow. All the kids were so thrilled when we told them the name, “Jack Austin” (Austin is a family surname on Chris’ grandparent’s side, and it means “great and magnificent”). I think it was Aidan that said, “I thought we would never get a Jack!” And we are so glad that our Jack is finally here!!

Connor was so thrilled to meet his baby brother!

Connor meeting Jack for the first time.


Connor loves holding his baby brother. He is so patient with him and will hold him for 20-30 minutes at a time! I overheard him talking to Jack and heard him saying something about playing tag with him :) This morning he was trying to get me to feed him some blueberries, he can’t wait until Jack is big enough to sleep in his bed with him! But I’m not anxious for my baby Jack to grow up so quickly. What a precious boy you are Jack, we love you so very much!! :)

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2 Responses to Why the name “Jack”?

  1. Virginia says:

    So sweet, Jenni! I remember thinking with my first that there was nothing sweeter than gazing at the baby I adored. Then the second came and I found something even better – watching the baby you adore gaze at the other baby you adore!

  2. Ari says:

    Oh how sweet! I can’t wait to meet this boy!

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