Getting things done!

Today we accomplished one of the bigger items on my “To-Do List“! For months Chris and I have been dreaming about turning our office into a homeschool room for the kids. I made a double homeschool desk quite a while ago and we haven’t really used it for school yet. Our office had a table in it that was too big for the room and caused clutter, and even though we would get it clean sometimes it would eventually end up cluttering up really fast.

Today we moved that table out, and moved the desk in, moved my hope-chest in too, it’s going to house the regular printer and the 3-D printer. And on the desk we now have the beginning of two computer stations for the kids to work at. This summer I’ll make another desk with a laminate top that will be more of a work/craft station for one child. We took out a small wall in the middle of the front of the closet that basically made the closet in the office unusable. It totally opens up the room and now with an extra shelving unit in there, our crafts, books, linens, etc. are organized and usable! I’m feeling very blessed and hopeful! And starting to get excited about schooling next year :)

So it feels really good to be able to mark off a bunch of things on my list! We have 12 days til my due date. I’ve got baby clothes in the dryer right now, and will be working with my MIL Joan tomorrow to get the Master bedroom/bathroom ready for the birth. Whew! I think we are going to make it, getting excited a feeling much more settled about having a homebirth now. I still have lots of things to get done before then, but I’ve got time ;)

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  1. Tamara says:

    Way to go, sis! That’s exciting! Sure feels amazing to get things organized!

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