38 weeks pregnant, and a girl date with my big girls

My beautiful daughters, on a girl date with mommy

On Friday my girls and I had the priveledge of driving down south. On the way we stopped for drinks at Starbucks and stretched mommy’s legs :) It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive which is a pretty long drive for a very pregnant mommy, but I’m so glad we went because look who we got to meet…

Sweet boy

…Timothy Robert Seizo Watanabe. My sister Tamara gave birth early Friday morning, May 25th, at her home in the birthing pool. She did an amazing job once again. I’m so proud of her! And her sweet little Cassia was with her most of her active labor and witnessed the birth! What a sweet memory!

Baby brother yawn

It’s always amazing to me how these little ones just immediately change our lives and wiggle their way into our hearts. As soon as they enter the world and we get one glimpse of their sweet little bodies we just can’t imagine our lives without them. Timothy is certainly part of the family, all of our hearts have grown another size! I had a great time snuggling a little newborn, but my little man was not about to let me forget that his coming is right around the corner. I let little Timothy snuggle on my tummy to have a little cousin time, but the whole time he was soundly sleeping, my little guy was kicking away, maybe a little mommy jealousy already? ;)

38 weeks, and cousin Timothy 1 day old

We are back now and I am getting settled back into the groove of getting my “list” done before the baby comes. Tomorrow we hope to make some good headway on some of the bigger items. It’s hard to believe that we have less than two weeks until my due date, yikes!! I’m excited and at the same time feeling a little bit freaked out. The idea of the birth still makes me a little nervous so I know he’s not coming yet, I know I’m getting close when my mindset has switched to, I’ll do whatever it takes to get this baby out, I’m not there yet so I know he’s not coming yet :)

Overheated mommy and my sissy girls :)

So glad I had some special girl time with my big girls this weekend. Thanks Tam for letting me bring them with me, they felt pretty special to be able to share those first moments of Timothy’s life with all of you, so did I! My big girls are getting really excited about meeting their baby brother, and all the big kids are really hoping to see the birth. So I guess I need to get going on my list! I want them to be able to share the experience too, we just need to do a little more cleaning before I can feel ready to have the baby at home :)

Cassia and baby Timmy :)

Here’s my beautiful sis and two of her sweet babies! Cassia has found her calling :) I think she feels like Tam gave birth to little Timothy just for her! Sweet big sister! Well, that’s all for now. Would love to hear your pregnancy updates in the comments! If you click on one of the pictures above you can see the rest of the pictures on flickr :)

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