Prepping for a new season…summers just around the corner!

Staying cool, enjoying our summer!
This is a picture of Cait two summers ago when she had mono. If you want you can click on the picture, there are a bunch more of her with that horrible rash. Makes me so thankful to be through that season!

Confession: I just made cookies, (not Paleo cookies that are actually good for you and only have about 5 Tbsp raw honey in the whole batch), these would be the kind that have WHITE flour, and two CUPS of sugar in the batch, and MILK chocolate chips. I know, I know, if I was a “real” paleo fanatic then I wouldn’t even still have these ingredients in my home. I reason, it’s for the kids. And that is why I just ate four (or maybe five) of them. It’s been months since I’ve made these kind of cookies, the kind where the kids say, “Mommy, these are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted!” :) They could also being saying, “Wow mommy, these cookies are WAY better than all your paleo cookies!” Oh well.

Today is one of those days that I have this excited feeling inside (it could possibly be from the sugar in which case I may be feeling really down later tonight but it feels good right now anyway). I feel summer coming. Does anyone else feel it? Maybe it has to do with the hope of an end to being locked indoors with 6 children under 9 for the past 9 months? They are almost all playing outside right now, and even though they are crying here and there, their cries are muffled and don’t quiet hit the nerves in the same way. Most of them are awake and I’m still able to write a blog post, what’s the deal with that?

Or maybe it’s this hopeful feeling that I only have 16 days until my due date, and soon I will not have to waddle around with a large head pressing against my pelvis, and every time I go to the bathroom I walk into the next room only to feel like I need to pee again? Feeling grateful for the warm sunshine beaming through my windows, all the while feeling the cool breeze coming through the open windows. Because let’s be honest, I’m still nearly 38 weeks pregnant, and NOT a skinny little thing, and I’m wearing sweats with hose underneath because of my lovely veins, and I wouldn’t consider these hose “summer attire”. :)

Okay, I think the sugar is hitting me now. I guess we all need a little sugar overdose every now and then :) I’ve done so well with this pregnancy, so far I’ve only gained about 10 lbs with two weeks to go, and normally I gain 40-50 lbs. So hopefully I wont gain 30 lbs in these next two weeks and I will have actually made progress this pregnancy on those (more or less) 80 extras I’ve been carrying around!

I think I’m excited about this new season. Summer projects, having a new baby to care for, building a little goat barn, building a fort for the kids, getting baby goats, vacationing, new adventures, all the while not being pregnant (maybe that is the part that has really got me excited?)

Well, I better cut this off now, feeling gittery and I think I might need some Tylonol or maybe I should just have a couple more cookies? :) Happy spring day to all my dear friends!!

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