Catching up…

It’s been awhile since I last did an entry here.

Hmmmm, where to start? Let’s see, I started a little business hatching and selling baby quail chicks.

Quail babies and growing barred rocks

We bought a new van and that weekend I got some bad blood clots in my leg which caused me to have to be off my feet for a couple weeks. So…

Our new van!

Thankfully had started making a blanket for the baby the day before this happened. I got this much done, and I haven’t done anymore since I got back on my feet. Hmmm, maybe I need to put myself on bedrest again so I can finish my blanket? :)

My baby boy blanket is coming along, over half way done!

In the last month we’ve celebrated three of our kid’s birthdays, Guenna turned 6 on March 15th, Aidan turned 9 on March 26th, and Cait turned 5 (which she announces to anyone and everyone whether they will listen or not) on April 6th! Whew, that’s a doosy of a birthday month, and all while I was still recovering from the blood clot.

Spring Burns birthday party!!

Let’s see, what else…we celebrated Easter and nana and papa Burns’ house. What a fun day that was!

Easter nest cupcakes!

I got a wild hair one day a couple weeks ago and burned the huge pile of wood and scraps we had in our goat pen.

Farming! Chickens and a big bonfire :)

Connor was my little helper that day and he had a lot of fun visiting with the mini horses next door. He’s getting to be such a big boy! I love that little guy!

Connor hanging out with the minis next door :)

My sis and her family came up to “see” the tulips, unfortunately they didn’t really want to see them! We did however manage to see one early variety of red tulips that had bloomed by the time they got here, and they were beautiful. The kids had a really fun time playing together and it was so nice to see them, because we probably wont get to see them again until…

burns watanabe tulips

…Here we are, sisters pregnant at the same time, once again! Tam is 35 weeks in this picture, and I am 32. Now I am closer to 33 and she is closer to 36 weeks. It’s hard to believe that we are both going to be holding our boys next time we see each other! And I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that this journey of pregnancy is nearly over! It’s been a challenging pregnancy, as most of them are but I think, the seventh pregnancy in 9 years takes the cake :)

Jen 32 weeks, Tam 35 weeks

I was just thinking the other day about how if I had had my way, I would not be expecting a baby in a month and a half. I would be gardening, and working hard, and schooling, and we would still have our “mini” van and not our “big” van, Connor wouldn’t be anxiously awaiting “HIS” baby brother. And while most of those things sound nice, and it wasn’t my plan to have this baby right now, I can’t tell you how so very glad that we are in the homestretch, awaiting baby #7! He’s getting so big and starting to really take over, and I’ve been thinking lately about the reward of a newborn, God knew what would delight the heart of a mother and so after all her sacrifice and toil, He gave her a newborn. And I’m sure those mamas who’ve been there know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s probably the hardest part about the thought that I might not have another baby after this one. But one thing at a time :)

Can’t wait to meet you baby boy. All of us are trying not to count down the months, days, minutes, and seconds until your arrival! You’re coming has brought about lots of changes to our family but they are good changes. Just 7 weeks to go, see you soon my love!

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