Every family needs a Connor

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I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my son Connor, and I decided tonight that I better do it before I forget what was so important :) Every family needs a kid like Connor, for several reasons. 1. Sheer entertainment, and 2. Every parent needs to find humility through child-rearing. (I’m pretty sure that was in God’s heart while He was busy forming him in my womb). And last but not least, 3. Every parent needs to feel true-love from their sweet/saucy child, there is nothing quite like it.

Connor turned 3, 3 months ago. Since he turned 3 several things have happened. His vocabulary has greatly improved, he’s no longer wearing diapers, his world seems to have enlarged and did I mention his vocabulary has greatly expanded? He seems to have picked up choice phrases, ones that we don’t use on a regular basis in our home.

A couple weeks ago it was, “I HATE YOU!” Said in all capitals. We’ve choosen to use the paddle as a form of discipline in this home, and let me tell you, it amazes me how many times in one day he would forget that “I HATE YOU!” is not a phrase used in our home, ever. He got through that, and hasn’t really used it since. But the problem is that the very next day he picked up on a new phrase, and decided that “Fool” was a cool way to refer to people. In fact, his daddy in desperation during one of Connor’s long drawn out, “I don’t want to obey my dad” sessions, Chris asked Connor, “Do you need a spanking Connor?” To which he emphatically responded, “NO, I don’t need a spanking, you FOOL!” You can imagine that we were quite shocked and had to hold back from laughing. And he got to visit dad in our bedroom. I think he must like our room or something?

So we’ve gotten through the “fool” stage and apparently we are onto other words. Tonight Chris was knocking on the bathroom door, Connor was in the bathroom. I’m not exactly sure who he was talking to when he got out, I think I heard a kid asking if he was going to the bathroom. When he came out he said in a very sassy tone, “YES I was going to the bathroom, you IDIOT!” Wow, seriously? Where in the world did you get a mouth like that? I promise, we don’t talk like that in our house.

So like I said, Connors bring humility to the parents who feel at times they have it all together (and by the way, that isn’t us, but we can always use more humility in our lives, and I guess more to laugh at). One thing though that I absolutely love about Connor is that he’s also the most loving, tender, sweet snuggly little boy. When he’s been disciplined and has been forgiven for his sins (the repentance part can take awhile sometimes) he melts into mine and daddy’s arms, and gushes his love for us. He is constantly telling me how pretty I am, and how much he loves me. As hard as he can be at times, I’m so thankful, for all of him. He’s a precious boy, Connor Andrew, I love you with all my heart!

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  1. ellen evans says:

    OK…i seriously laughed out loud at the “fool” quote. I had to read it out loud to Derek. So MUCH of what you said reminds me of our little Riley (born the same month). He is my much needed comic relief during my days. He is also loves to snuggle and kiss and hug. It’s just so funny to me how early on I could tell that he just has a great, funny sense of humor and a very extended vocab. Now if I had the gumption to potty train him…that would be nice…

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