Mopping Blues


You know, of all the daily tasks I do, the task of mopping the floor is one of the chores that gets done the least. Okay let’s be honest, I don’t mop my floor nearly enough, maybe once a month (and that is pushing it, it’s probably more like every two months!) And I hate having a scummy dirty floor, life just feels so much nicer when the baby (who makes most of the gooey messes on the floor), isn’t scooting about in her own goo.

So recently I’ve discovered that if I give the kids two wash cloths with warm soapy water on them, when they scrub the floor together, they can do a pretty good job and they do it pretty quick.

Is it done how I would do it myself? No. Is that okay? YES! It looks a whole lot better than if I hadn’t done it myself :)

I’m so glad that my kids are capable of doing these chores now, even though they still have to be reminded often while they are cleaning, they are becoming quite the little workers and I’m so proud of them!! Thanks guys for a good looking floor!!


Okay, notice Cait here? This is usually how she cleans. Not much cleaning, much more dancing and playing but at least she’s cute :)

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3 Responses to Mopping Blues

  1. Traci says:

    I prefer Cait’s way! I sing when I clean – makes the time go much more quickly!

  2. Trinity Andersen says:

    Cait just needs her washclothes strapped onto her feet – then she could actually be doing twice as much as her siblings! ;) I realized the other day just how often I don’t bother bending all the way over to clean up my floor when something spills. I’ll throw down a rag and use my foot to mop up the mess, usually while I’m cleaning off the counter or wherever else the offending item spilled. I had the opportunity to realize just how closely my daughters are watching me, because my 2-year-old volunteered to wipe something off the floor, and she did the exact same thing! She probably thinks that’s the proper “procedure”, since when I bother to mop for real, it’s usually when she’s in bed. Training, training…

    • Jenni says:

      That is a great idea :) I know they make little foot mops for little and big feet, would be fun to make some! My kids do the same thing, mopping up stuff with their feet, and yes, I do the same thing!! :)

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