Our first big puzzle!!

It’s that time of the year, the weather is getting cooler, some of the leaves are starting to turn autumn colors, and we start thinking about indoor fun. Actually having a farm we still have much to do before we can think about going indoors for the rest of the year, but I decided to let us have a little break yesterday :) The kids wanted to do puzzles and we usually do the quick ones but the two babes had just gone down for a nap and Aidan wanted to do a big puzzle.

Spiced chicken, and our first big puzzle!!

I was doubtful but thought I would let him try. Before too long, the younger kids had finished up their puzzle and seeing Aidan’s taking shape we all got to work on Aidan’s. I told them, maybe if we all work together we can get this done before the babies wake up. Victoria and Connor both took a long nap, I sat at the table with them for like two hours, and together we accomplished a 300 piece puzzle. It was really fun. I love games and puzzles and since we’ve had lots of little babies for so many years it’s been one of those things that we just don’t do very often. I’m really looking forward to this coming fall/winter. I love hearing my kids reading books out loud without being told to, I love that we are home so much and that we are all learning about healthy eating together, I’m so grateful for this season. I’ve got big kids and sweet babies and my heart is just full! Secretly I’m really excited for the rain to come so that all my huge dirt piles will become grass once again :) Sorry for all of you who are sad summer is ending, I’m actually looking forward to the autumn! And I’ve got chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight, life is so good!

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