From one of my precious little piglets…

Eamon drew this for me, guess who the big pig is, isn't he precious?! ;) I just have to laugh!

The other day I was working away at the counter, probably making lunch or something. The kids were busy drawing at the other side of the counter, and I hadn’t noticed that they were drawing “secret” little pictures and cards, some of them for me. Eamon sweetly brought this one up to me proudly and said, “this is for you mommy.” I opened it up and had to choke back the laughter. I asked, “so, who’s the pig?” He shyly responded, “You.” :) I said, “Oh and the little pigs must be my babies?” Yep.

So precious. Thanks Eamon, for seeing me as such a huge nurturing pig in your life. I love you with all my heart!

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