A Day of Firsts

First day of school! And Victoria's first laugh :)

Tonight I had Victoria laying on the bed and I was tickling her tummy and she giggled!! 2 1/2 months old, there is nothing more precious than a baby’s first laugh :) She is such a joy! In the midst of all the craziness of six little kiddos and just life, she brings us all so many precious moments of pure joy. Connor’s constant anxiety to hold her and give her her binkie, and kiss and kiss her, Cait and Guenna so love their baby sister and want to mother her constantly, so many kisses! And the big boys think she’s precious and just adore her. Of course her daddy loves her to pieces, and mama, well, I can hardly stand her cuteness! I would just sit and hold her all day if I could, but I’m so thankful she’s content to sit and watch the constant commotion so mama can get things done :)

I can’t begin to say how blessed I feel to have our sweet Victoria!

First day of school! And Victoria's first laugh :)

It’s official. Today was our first formal day of homeschool, we were all excited to start and it went well. We had chores in the morning, then PE, then a little lesson about teeth and why it’s important to care for our teeth. Then after lunch clean up and a little outdoor play time Connor went to take a nap so we could do more book work. We reviewed their phonograms, had a spelling lesson, learned to count by 10’s and did a little coloring page on 10’s. Busy day!

Now to figure out how to keep the littlest ones occupied while we do book work with the three bigger ones? Any ideas?

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  1. andrea/andrew says:

    provide specific engaging toys that they only use during that time. Give the little ones lots of attention before you begin. provide a specific place for them to play. Make it a routine and make sure they know to not interrupt during that time. Hard at first, but like all training, it has to be done or you won’t get anything done. also, go with the flow! be prepared for it not to work out, sometimes you have crazy, off days. along with those websites also lifeinashoe.com and raisingolives.com

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Jenny,
    So very glad to see your blog. I have really enjoyed catching up. The kids are all getting so big. Miss seeing you!

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