Can someone slow this thing down, please?

Big Sisters, Little Sister
Our sweet little girl was born a little over five weeks ago and I keep thinking, okay, after this week of ___________ things will start to slow down. First I was thinking, after the house gets done, then after the baby is born, then after this and that. I’m pretty certain now that things aren’t going to slow down any time soon and I just have to accept this pace and learn to be productive in the time that I have.

Did I mention that since our Victoria was born five weeks ago we’ve had six doctor’s appointments, two dermatology appointments and one ER visit?! And two of those were in Seattle which is nearly a two hour drive! We’ve (the whole family and extended family) also have had a nasty cold for three of those five weeks, which was the cause of Cait having a severe hives outbreak, and the reason for most of the doctor’s visits.

But through all of this, I am so thankful. Thankful that we have six very healthy babies. Today we met a very sweet little boy and his dear mama at Children’s. He had several deformities from birth, we had just came from Cait’s second blood draw which is a bit of a trial for a three year old. He asked her why she had a bandaid on her arm. I told him because she had to get poked, I asked if he’d ever had to get poked (knowing the answer would be yes). His mama said that he’s had to get poked so many times they have to draw his blood from a vein in his shoulder :( He was such a happy little camper and talked Chris’ ear off about all the marks on Chris’ arms and face. While he was chattering away with Chris his mom happily told me that he was actually a foster child, they had had him for a year now and in another year they would be able to adopt him. And with all the obvious challenges of having a special needs child she still seemed so very happy to have this very special little man in her life, and he too seemed to be very happy to have her. After we left the office I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman, about their family and the sacrifices they’ve made to bring this little boy into a loving environment where he can feel the love and acceptance that God planned for him to have growing up, that so many children miss out on. I admire this woman and her family for what they are doing for him and truly believe that God has a special blessing for those families He entrusts with special needs children.

While I’m thankful that all of our children are healthy, there is a part of me who sees this woman and this sweet boy today and wonders, “why are we so thankful that our children are healthy, or perfect?” Not that I want them to become sick or for something to happen to any of them, I guess my point is; I know that no matter what the future holds, He is with us. He walks with each of us through whatever trials are in our future. He will never leave us, we have no reason to fear. When we found out in the ER that Cait might have the measles, my heart sank. I had this sick feeling and questions running through my mind, not really knowing much about the measles or how they can affect newborns (she was three weeks old at the time), “I know Cait will be fine but what about Victoria, is she going to die, or become blind or deaf have some kind of life altering affects if indeed this is the measles?!!” So for the hours we did not know what it was and had been given the very probable diagnosis of measles, I felt like I was going to vomit and I kept looking over at my sleeping newborn, wondering. I even went into the bathroom and just prayed. “Dear God, please don’t let this be the measles, please protect our little girl.” And that didn’t help, I just had to in my heart give her to Him and trust that He would be with us, no matter what.

Before we left the ER we were first of all reassured that it was most likely not the measles and in the small chance it was, Victoria would most likely not get it. I had another revelation about how awesome God is, He thought about everything when creating these sweet fragile innocent little beings, and He thought about all the ways to protect them from possible harm, first of all she would get my immunities from the placenta the past nine months and then a triple dose of my immunities from the breast milk the past three weeks, and if that’s not enough they can inject human immunities into babies. Crazy.

So, it’s been a busy few weeks. But a good few weeks, and I am left spinning in this whirlwind of a season, even more thankful for who God is, for all the ways He has blessed us, and yes indeed for healthy beautiful children. And now I need to get to bed because after 8 1/2 years of marriage, Chris and I have finally decided that sleep is one of God’s great gifts that we have not valued enough ;) Good night!

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  1. Katie says:

    Beautifully said Jenni.

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