Revised To Do List Before the Appraiser Comes

Recent house repairs
This is a picture of the newly installed back splash above our kitchen counters, I LOVE how it turned out!:)

Well, we are finally closing in on our eternal repair list! We are thinking that in the next two weeks we will be able to cross all the major things off this list and will be ready to invite the appraiser back around the second week of April. We were so discouraged when we first heard of all the things we had to add to our list before we could have him come, but now that we are nearly done with our trim (which was a major job) and many of the other little things that had to be done, we are glad that we had to do them. We are really going to enjoy our home this summer, it will be like a vacation! Just at home :)

We have been so thankful for all the help we have received along the way, from friends, a few meals here and there, my brother-in-law San has helped us MANY times with lots of little jobs and is coming this week to help us tidy up our list, and several other family members have helped in numerous ways. And without health, and strength, and a bit of creativity (especially since half the time we haven’t know what we are doing), we would not have been able to accomplish all that we have! We are amazed to think that this time last year we were living in a home without heat, water, kitchen, bathrooms, or any of our stuff! And now our house is a cozy and beautiful home.

Here is our last list before the appraiser comes, and then when we get done with this, we will start in on building our chickens a cute little coop! Our next big project :) It never ends, but the coming projects I’m really looking forward to! Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement along the way!

Outside Work

-Install the rest of the vents
-Caulk skirting trim/paint
-Back fill gravel around house

Back Deck
-Finish painting railing

Front Deck
-Clean up, on deck and grounds in front of porch

-Organize shed
-Add new shelves
-Move shelving from Office into shed

-Move pile of cement to barn shed
-gutter down spouts, install and paint
-install new outdoor power outlets

Interior work

-Swap Office and Guest Bedroom
-Finish trim around window and door

Guest bedroom
-Swap stuff to the Office
-Install window trim

Guest Bathroom
-Paint 2nd Coat
-caulk around bottom of bathtub

Kids Bathroom
-caulk around tub

-Prime/Paint sheet rock in skylight

-remove caulk around tub/install new caulk
-touch up caulk on sink/where tub and floor meet

-Prime/Paint the other half of laundry room
-Paint door

Would like to do if we have time:
-Paint doors in hallway/trim

Recent house repairs
And how would we ever have accomplished all this without all of our little helpers?! :)

Recent house repairs

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