So Blessed; a Night of Missing My Best Friend

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Tonight I’m missing my best friend. He’s at a men’s retreat and I’m going to sleep in a cold bed by myself. I was thinking about how blessed I am. About how blessed we are. God has been so good to Christian and I and at times I feel overwhelmed with wonder at the life we are blessed to live. How did I end up with a man like Chris? Some of the things I admire about him, he wants me to stay home with the kids, even though it means he has to work extra hard to provide for our family. When we were first married we went to the bank to see what it would take to buy a house, we only had one child and barely an debt. The loan officer just about laughed at us for wanting to get a loan with only one income, he basically told us that it just doesn’t work that way anymore. We were discouraged that we had to put that dream on hold, but I’m so thankful my husband never wavered in his conviction. I really respect that about him.

I have tons of friends and family who live in dual income homes. That is their story, not mine. We each have to make our own choices for our own families, for Chris and I we decided that what was best for us was for me to stay home, I guess more than anything I’ve been thinking about how glad I am that God lead me to Chris. We have such similar life goals and have the pleasure of just really liking each other.

Sometimes he makes me so mad. He’s not a perfect man, nor am I a perfect wife. Sometimes his inability to understand the woman’s emotions gets him in trouble, but, I do love the fact that he’s always willing to hear me out, to see my emotional point of view and do his best to understand and acknowledge my feelings. He lets me pour out my heart to him, how he’s hurt me or how something is bothering me, and he prays with me and for us and asks for God’s help. Simple things, simple not so spiritual prayers, but real, I know he means it. And when he says that he loves me, I know he loves just me, noone else in the world does he love like me. And when he tells me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, (even though I might think he’s a bit crazy), I believe that he really means it. I never see his eyes wandering, gazing at other women, his eyes are for me alone.

The Word of God commands the man to love his bride like Christ loves the Church. I did not come to comprehend the beauty of this until I had the privilege of becoming Christian’s wife. The first couple years were hard ones. There were a lot of tears, and on my part (coming from a broken home) a lot of fears. We would argue and I would wonder, “how long will he put up with this?” But he loved me, like Christ His Bride, with unconditional love. He served me and made me feel like I was the center of the world, does Christ not serve His Bride, laying down His life for her? I never knew true love, and had not experienced the tangible love of Christ and really began to understand how deeply He loves us until those first couple years of marriage with Chris.

We are just two imperfect people. Wishing that all of our loved ones could have what God has so graciously blessed us with. God created marriage to be a picture to the world, of His relationship with His bride, the church. And I know that our Father weeps with the many who weep because of the brokenness in this day regarding the marriage relationship. And He rejoices with those who rejoice over restored love and peace in the home. Only God can restore something that has been broken, our prayer is that our loved ones would find hope in God’s unconditional love.

So, all of that to say. My heart is full tonight. My best friend is away and I miss him, but he will be back tomorrow. And while he is away my heart never wonders if his eyes or heart are wandering away from his first love. I trust him completely, with my whole heart. He may not be the richest man in the world, but I am truly a blessed woman. He gives me what no riches can possibly buy. And my heart is content. I love you my friend. Thank you for being such a man.

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  1. Kirsten (Freeman) Plummer says:

    So happy to see that Chris found a fine lady. I too found a wonderful man and we celebrate our 2nd anniversary in a couple of weeks.

    I agree that sleeping in a cold bed is difficult, but then so is doing the listening and communicating required to have a truly loving, intimate relationship.

    It’s a rare man that is willing to put in the effort to have that closeness, but the reward is beyond delightful. We are lucky women to be married to men strong enough to love and be loved in the best and most wonderful way.

    Tell Chris hi from me. He might remember I was one of the pianists for Carry the Light choir 15 years ago. Eons, positively!

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