My Little Dreamer, or should I say – “My Big Dreamer!”

A visit from the Engelson kids

As far back as I can remember, I think he was two, Aidan has been talking about his wife to be. He used to have an imaginary wife whom he named (she had a few different names as time went on). His wife could pretty much do anything, she had a baby every day at one point (he once told me that she would go to bed at night and a baby would get in her tummy and then she would have the baby in the morning and go about her daily chores, she then had 604 babies but she was taking a break, lucky her!) He told my mom once that his wife took x-rays and how brave she was. We’ve often found it very humorous this image he has of his wife to be. Just recently we were discussing relationships; the whole courtship process and finding a wife, the differences between people and how that plays into our relationships, how mommy and daddy are different and how we work that out. He very seriously told us that, “when he finds a wife that they wont ever fight because they will love each other.” If only that were the truth. We tried to explain how mom and dad have plenty of discussions and conflicts and as we work them out they draw us closer together. But isn’t it true that experience is the greatest teacher, I’m sure that some of the things we teach the children will settle in their hearts and become real truths to them, and then life will be the better teacher as they grow and discover truth through their own experiences. I think that’s the hardest part about being a parent. We want so much for our life experiences to teach them, but somehow God didn’t design it that way. And so we fight with God as we relinquish control over these precious little ones, into the hands of the Greatest Teacher, God’s Spirit. Not to say that while they are young we do not do our very best of instilling a love for God and His word and truth, and then somehow I foresee God’s spirit coming as they grow and breathing life into that cold lump of clay that we have worked so hard to make into something beautiful. And what we could never accomplish on our own but as parents yearn for with all our might, God does, in just a moment.

Today Aidan excitedly brought me one of my magazines that had a picture of beautiful white long-haired kitty. He said to me, “if our cats ever die I think we should get a cat like this one!” I told him (feeling a little annoyed with his request, I know it seems dumb but I will explain), “Aidan, even if our cats die I don’t want to get a cat like that, they have long hair and leave their hair all over and I will have to clean up it’s hair all the time and that’s just more mess for mom to clean up (talk about shoot the boy down!). His response, still with excitement, “But I would not mind cleaning up after the cat, I would take care of it and clean up it’s mess!” My insensitive response, “sorry bud, that’s not how it would really happen, I would end up cleaning up after the cat. So when you are a man and have your own house, you can decide to get a cat like that if you want. But you know, you will get married and you will have to talk it over with your wife since she will be taking care of your home.” His response cracked me up and put it all into perspective for me, that it was a ridiculous argument. He was very serious, “well, when I look for a wife I will make sure that she is willing to take care of any kind of cat out there.” :) Okay, that settles it. I do wish I had not argued with him about this cat, my emotional responses come way too frequently, but I am so thankful for the willingness in my children to forgive and forget and love their mom. I love my kids, they are so precious, and I thank God for them a hundred times a day. I’m so grateful I have this job of raising them!

Well, my littlest boy is screaming for his mama, and I guess I’m going to give in. Not sure why he’s crying but I do know he wants me and I guess that’s reason enough to hold him. He’s growing up way too fast, I’m sure he’ll be talking about his wife-to-be in just a couple short years! Life flies by so quickly, Lord help me to be a good steward of these precious gifts!

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3 Responses to My Little Dreamer, or should I say – “My Big Dreamer!”

  1. Jennie says:

    Bless him! I love my kids’ insights into life. It’s lovely to be able to see the world through their eyes!

  2. Ace says:

    As a Mama with two little girls who constantly talk about their Husbands to be, pray for them and pretend they are talking to them on the phone..I am right with you. My girls say their Husbands will understand about their love of pocketbooks and shoes LOL.

    So funny, but one day your Son may know she is the “one” because she always wanted a white long haired cat…

    How did so many people lose this bit of sweet wonder and trade it for hooking up and broken hearts?

    I will take the dreams of children and the sweet romance that is to come anyday LOL.

    You have a nice blog, I found it from vox days site.

    Many Blessings :)

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