A very busy season

As you may have noticed our family is in the middle of a very busy season, but exciting and challenging all the same. I have missed having the ability to hop on the computer and pour out my thoughts as the days unfold, we don’t have internet access at our home and probably will not for some time. We have our iPhones with limited computer access there but the phone screen is small and it’s hard to type very fast so I don’t do much more than little thoughts here and there.

I did just want to clear up one common misnomer that we are nearly finished with our house and that we are already “moved in” I think people think we are done because I have posted pictures mostly of the progress we have made, there are still many rooms to complete, three bedrooms we haven’t even touched, we still have to put together the cabinets we bought from Ikea, we have our master bathroom, all the repair work to the entryway and floors in the living room and family rooms, the window in the family room needs to be taken out and the wall replaced, half the laundry room is not done yet….then we get to start on the work that needs to be done to the exterior. I try not to think about it all but take it one day at a time. It’s quite overwhelming at times, but we are extremely grateful for all the help that we have received in numerous ways. The nanas have helped us so much with the kids (thank you so much!!) Several of our friends have come out to the house to donate their time and knowledge to our endless construction projects, we are extremely grateful and feel so blessed, this has been a season of sacrifice for us and the kids but we are all learning so much!! I’m so excited for the day that our home is a place of blessing others instead of being a burden. But you know, I’ve been so amazed by the response from our Christian brothers and sisters that have come to help us, they’ve all been so willing and cheerful of giving their time freely, I know that the service they have performed to bless this family has been a sweet offering to the Lord and I truly believe they will receive a blessing from the Lord who provides for all of our needs.

Every day Chris and I stand and look at our property or our home at the work we’ve already accomplished and we are truly in awe. That the Lord has placed this beautiful home and land in our hands, it’s really what we both dreamed of having for our children. The kids love it so much, the space is perfect for now, they can all get away from each other if they need too :) And they have hours of fun playing with each other in the field, the garden, the dirt pile, all the bedrooms! I just look forward to a few months from now when we are really settled in. My focus has been really to look to the Lord daily for strength so that I have the grace to enjoy this challenging season along with our kids and take each day with all of it’s hurdles with a song in my heart of Thanksgiving to the One who has brought us here.

I’m amazed at how much the kids love being here! Even though the house is in great disrepair, and the outside of our home looks like a dump, they love it! Every time I walk outside I see the lovely mountains that my Father placed their for our enjoyment and I’m just blown away at how much the Lord loves us, and cares about the Burns family. We’ve been talking lately to the children about how incredibly huge God is, and yet, He cares when my little boy gets a sliver in his foot!! He also cares about all the little details we have to take care of each day and doesn’t want us to try to tackle it all on our own! He is truly an amazing Father, I’m so thankful that I have a relationship with Him and can take all the burdens of this busy season and lay them at His feet and know that in His timing all the things that are really important will be taken care of.

To all of you who’ve spent time praying for the Burns family during this season, we are so grateful and continue to covet your prayers for strength and God’s mercy, cheerful attitudes and patience with our children. Again, thank you so much for all the encouragement and support!!


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2 Responses to A very busy season

  1. Tam says:

    Great thoughts, Sister. I’m glad I stopped by this evening. Love you! See you soon.

  2. Suzi Searles says:

    I think you are both amazing! To get as much done as you have and still have your sanity is truly a testimony of God’s amazing strength in your lives. Not only redoing your entire home, but dealing with little ones and then the chicken pox on top of it all would push many people to their limit. I so wish that we lived closer and could help out.

    I will be praying that God will continue to bless you with His strength, patience and goodness to get you through this exciting and exhausting time in your lives.

    Love in Christ,

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