An Oasis in the Desert

Connor is my little babooshka

See those precious eyes? This little man is an enormous blessing to me these days. He is like medicine to my weary body. Yesterday was a hard day for me. I was crying and holding my baby, I looked down at him and he was staring at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and as soon as I looked at him he flashed a big smile at his mama, what a precious moment. It’s kind of like, “What have you got to cry about mama?! Life is sooo good!”

The other day Aidan was so sweet, he said, “Mommy, I love Connor soooo much, when he smiles, it fills my heart with happiness.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Connor has such a playful, cheerful face that it really does fill your heart with happiness. What a gift he is to our family. I can’t believe he is already crawling all over the place (little stinker was supposed to wait to do that until we got the carpet in our new house, I guess we took too long!:)

There have been so many times in the midst of this stressful time in our lives that I’ve just sat down to nurse my baby and thought of how thankful I am that we have a baby, our little Connor, right now. As challenging as it may be to have a baby during this remodel, the joy that he brings us, especially his mama, far outweighs the challenge. I’m so thankful that God has blessed us with these five beautiful children, my heart is full.

Thank you Father for bringing us to this place, as challenging as it may be at times. I am so thankful that You are my rock, you are my help in time of need and we are not alone. You known all of our needs and will provide for us as You see fit. We put our trust in You and our hope is in You alone. Thank you for the challenges that we face, we know they are going to bring us closer to you and closer together as a family. Please help us to have patience with oneanother and with the process of rebuilding this home that You have provided for us. I choose to rejoice in You today Father, You are so kind!

Okay I just have to add a couple sweet things my boys have said, Eamon the other day while we were watching the men unload our cabinets from their truck into our house. He exclaims to the workers, out of the blue I might add, they were not even talking to us, just walking by, “my mommy has five babies!” I’m thinking, (yeah they are probably thinking, what’s the deal with this lady, she has no self control, five kids and no husband probably, and she lives in a dump! :) I love that baby of mine! And Aidan just said this a minute ago. I was exclaiming how cute Cait is to all the kids, and Aidan was agreeing, then he said, “Yeah, whenever I’m sad and she smiles and I see her smile, it makes my teeth make my mouth want to smile.” :) Okay! There you go :) I love those kids! Don’t you love how kids put their thoughts into words, sometimes they are so profound and then other times, so profound they are a little embarrassing :) Life is good!

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4 Responses to An Oasis in the Desert

  1. nanajudi says:

    Jenni, I love my baby girl, and all her babies, soooo…. much!!!

  2. Tam says:

    What wonderful stories, Sis. I love it. I feel the same way about Eian. When I’m down and out and crying about something, he flashes that sweet little grin at me and it makes me soo thankful for his life. Children are truly a blessing from the Lord. Such joy and laughter. Such sweetness. May God’s mercy and protection keep them all!!
    I love you, Sis. Thanks for sharing from your heart . . . and making me pondering things that make me cry. ;o) We should talk soon. I haven’t been calling because I know you are busy.
    Love you.

  3. nanajudi says:

    Reading this post again “makes my teeth make my mouth want to smile!!

  4. Kim says:

    LOL! Oh I love kiddos! You always have the most precious stories to tell, I love that he just said that out of the blue to the workers, I am smiling just thinking about that. how fun, blessings during your remodel

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