Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

Guenna is random. she will speak her mind as soon as she thinks it. Sometimes we can anticipate what she’s going to say in public and draw her away or cover her mouth, other times we are caught off guard, along with those she is speaking to. Here are just a couple of her thoughts this week, and one from her biggest brother Aidan.

We were on the way to the property yesterday, the whole family is in the car. We are talking about things like, the train, the road, the field, things that we were seeing out the window. You have to understand, Guenna is very adamant and at times Chris and I wish she came with a volume control, but alas, we have yet to find that switch. So we were driving along the road when she excitedly asked,
“Mommy, is Santa going to town?!!!” I mean, he we are, going to town, is Santa going to town? It says he is in the song! :) So cute.

Okay, the last one, was cute. The next one, was a little embarrassing. We live in the Skagit Valley a largely farming community. We have a lot of Mexican families here in the valley. So yesterday when we were picking up a couple things at Costco Guenna was in the cart and she noticed a mexican man walking by so she asked him, (realize that he is nearly two feet shorter than Chris) “Are you little?” Okay, great. Thanks for pointing that out babe. I don’t know if he understood her, but probably. So let’s keep going with this one Guenna. While we were at the checkout, there was another mexican family in front of us, Guenna noticing that the lady was much smaller than me (thankfully addressing me this time) asks, “Mommy, are you big?” “Yep, I’m big Guenna” :) This was when Chris informed her that it’s not nice to talk about how big or little adults are (funny thing is that you really never know what she is going to notice about someone or something, until she is blurting it out for all to hear, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of those lovely lessons for all of us! So while we were eating our pizza in the food court Cait, (whom some of you know, LOVES to greet everyone with a hearty, “HI”), she was apparently bored with “HI” so she started loudly addressing the public, “Hola! Hola!” Not as many responses though, I don’t think people understood that she was really saying, hola, which she understood to mean, “hi” :) Smart kid.

Okay, my last little story. Aidan, he really cracked us up yesterday. Mom and dad Burns have the DVD, “Down From The Mountain,” which is a bluegrass concert of songs that were sung in the movie, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.” We love the songs and we will all sit though this DVD and watch it. The last time we watched it, when the three little girls (who are probably ages 4, 7, and 9) walked up to the stage, Aidan exclaimed to himself, “Wow.” We thought his response sweet. Kind of thinking outloud, we didn’t say anything to him, just took note between us (mom and dad’s do these things, especially as their little men are growing). So yesterday when we watched the DVD again we caught each other’s eye and then looked to Aidan to see his response when the girls walked on stage. We were expecting that same sense of awe at the “other gender” only his response surprised us a bit. He did notice them, and was excited to see them walk onto the stage again but he exclaimed (to himself), “The three little girls. Kind of like, The Three Little Pigs.” Okay, well, I guess we still don’t need to worry so much about the attraction that we thought we had seen the week before. Still doesn’t quite understand how words might affect the “other gender”. In fact today he was telling me something about weight loss. I’m not exactly sure what he was talking about but I did inform him to never talk to ladies about their weight or losing weight, he assured me that “he already knows that.” Hmmm, why do I have the feeling that he knows that because I JUST told him? :) Love that boy. He’s growing up so fast, and becoming more of a gentleman everyday.

Thank You Lord for my five silly little children, they bring so much laughter to our home!

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2 Responses to Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

  1. nanajudi says:

    I don’t remember if you heard my conversation with Guenna and Aidan on Sunday morning at Aunt Rebecca’s house.
    Guenna: “Nana, do you have a house?”
    Nana: “Yes, Guenna I have a house.”
    Guenna: “Nana do you have a work?”
    Nana: “No,Guenna, I don’t have a job right now.”
    Aidan: “Nana, if you don’t have a job, how will you get the money to keep your house?”

    I repeated this conversation to Howard the other day. After laughing loudly, he said, “Pretty perceptive for a 10 year old.” (Yes he does know Aidan is not yet 6!)

  2. Nicole says:

    Wow…just like the three little pigs. I haven’t laughed out loud about something I’ve read in a while but i couldn’t stop laughing at that! Maybe because it reminded me of Caleb…”Like this, and like this” or another time you weren’t there then…he was watching a movie and in the movie they were going to push a bomb button or something and they counted 3,2,1. So the next thing we here is Caleb counting in a whisper 1,2,3…3,2,1…Oh so funny!!!

    We all cracked up at the dinner table when Morgan proudly announced that people are made out of plastic. She was totally serious and a bit embarrassed at our response. Here she was trying to impress us with her wisdom and all we do is laugh. Poor kid.

    Well I’m off to the retreat this weekend. I wish you could have come…at least I’ll get to meet Rana.

    Love ya!

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