“Yook at my Yips Mommy!”

"Yook at my yips mommy!"

Life is busy, but we are loving it. Here’s a few things I’ve been doing…

-Potty training Guenna, she’s doing pretty good but still not quite there.
-Cait went potty in the potty chair twice yesterday!
-Bought homeschool curriculum for the boys, started them on Phonics, Mathematics, and Drawing
-Connor is losing his beautiful hair but his smile makes up for it, he is sooo cute!
-Eamon is really starting to get better at writing and coloring!
-Cait is talking up a storm, she is such a ham! Now that she is almost two and such a big girl she is starting to obey much quicker now. Love that sweet girl and her precious piggy tails!
-Chris is still loving his job! We love coffee :)
-I am teaching myself how to paint, got some fun painting supplies and a book, it’s therapeutic!
-Did I mention we are buying a house? Um, yeah, that has taken up a bunch of my/our time these past several weeks! It’s going to go through, looks like the first couple days of March :)
-We are contemplating buying a very cheap trailer and camping on the property for part of the time while we fix up the house, it would be a fun adventure!
-We are still enjoying going to our homeschool co-op when we can, the big kids are learning to sew, Spanish and cooking, the little kids are studying the body, and cooking-so much fun!
-We have finally started homeschooling the boys, and they are really enjoying this structure, especially when life has been so crazy lately!
-Enjoying having a baby while we are in the middle of all this madness, he helps us all stop and smell the roses. What a joy Connor has been during the stressful times, I look down and him and even if I am crying he is smiling so big at me. How can I not smile back? I love that boy!
-We are all learning to adjust, learning to become more disciplined, learning to love more, be more patient, put our brother or sister first, and to laugh more. It’s a good and challenging season.

Well, I wasn’t going to blog tonight because I am so tired! But I saw this picture of Cait and her “yips” and I had to post it. She is such a cute girl, we love her :) Goodnight. And thanks to all my friends who’ve wondered “where in the world is Jenni, and what is she up to?” I’ve missed you too! But life is good!

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2 Responses to “Yook at my Yips Mommy!”

  1. Tam says:

    Hi Sis! So good to read your comments tonight. I keep checking, but nothing new. I know you are incredibly busy. Look at me, I only have one and I don’t take the time to blog. You’ve got 5 now and you normally blog WAY more than I ever do. So, I haven’t been criticizing you in my heart for not blogging. ;o)
    Love you and really look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks. Give me a call when you get the chance. I need to share some new details with you regarding the trip!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. nanajudi says:

    She has the CUTEST “yips”!!!

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