Settling In


It’s been a few days since we moved in with Chris’ parents and it’s taking some adjusting but we are getting there. It’s always a challenge (no matter how wonderful your in-laws may be) to figure out life, living with another family, in someone else’s house, cooking in someone else’s kitchen, sleeping in different rooms, trying to figure out where everything is, new rules and boundaries. They are amazing and we are so incredibly grateful that they have allowed us to stay with them until we get our house fixed up (or if the house falls through, until we can find some place to rent). So it’s taking some adjusting but we are loving it and I know that the kids are loving seeing nana and papa everyday, it’s like a constant vacation for them I think. They are troopers and just go with the flow a lot easier than we do. We started potty training Guenna again this week and it’s going okay, she did great the first couple days but had a lot of accidents today, I think we just need to push through these first few days of accidents and then she will get it, hopefully! One quick story about her potty training. I have been setting a timer, every 30 minutes or so to remind us/her to go try to go potty in her new potty chair. The other night I was making pizza and forgot to turn the fan on so the fire alarm went off. Guenna ran to the kitchen, grabbed her potty chair and proclaimed, “It’s time for me to go potty!!” What a girl! She’s a such a big girl, I know she really wants to go on the potty and I think I just need to be consistent and give her a good shot at it, we’ve got a pretty good set up now.

Any potty training tips? I always welcome new ideas :) Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. Kelley Ahearn says:

    We are on the other side of a “great move-in” Andrew and Ona have been here 2 weeks and for us it is like old times!! We have noticed that Ona is now a wife and tends to help out in the kitchen more!! So it has been easier for “me”. So I am sure that Joan is experiencing the same….waking up to her grandbabies everyday…what a joy!! So sit back and enjoy Gramma and Poppa and continue to remind your babies of the wonderful time they had living at Poppa and Gramma’s house.
    Potty training is so fun! I was blessed to potty train my own and because we loved babysitting we potty train a few more. With Megan(Dan and Linda’s)I put a basket full of new panties in the bathroom and we talked about those panties for a week,She was at our house for 2 weeks. We then started. The first day I spent telling Megan its potty time and we would run to the bathroom(practicing every 15 minutes)Then that night I shared with her that tomorrow she gets to remind me,when the alarm goes off,to run to the bathroom! By the third day they are potty trained!! I have done this several times and it works every time!! I think the reason it worked with Megan and the others was they were not my own babies mine were all grown so I wasn’t so tired. I would suggest that you ask Joan if she would take on this task! As gramma I am sure that she would LOVE IT!
    Love you Kelley

  2. Robin says:

    Well, not that I am all that experienced, but I have heard the best results (in my circle of friends) that a kool-aide party is the best. Give them as much sugar drink as they want and lots of salty food (to make them thirstier) and make them go, just like you are, every 30 mins or so. It took me less than a week. My friend used it on both her girls and they both trained in 1-2 days. So, it’s whatever you have the grace to do. Best of luck!

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