Pause a moment…

Tasty Little fingers!

I just have to stop a moment, it’s been a very stressful couple weeks for us. I just saw this picture of my little boy, he is so sweet, so innocent, and has no clue that his mommy and daddy’s world is a little crazy right now. I love these kids, they are so precious and a constant reminder of what we are fighting for. Why do we even want to buy this land? Why are we moving in the middle of the winter? It’s for them. We have so many dreams and they all include the future of our children. Thank You Lord for reminding me of this today in the midst of all the stress and striving. We trust Your promises are yes and amen.

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5 Responses to Pause a moment…

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow he’s really changing his look isn’t he? What a cutie pie!

  2. Jenni says:

    Yes he’s getting older, the little stinker! I’ve threatened to spank him if he keeps growing and the other kids just laugh, they all have been disobedient children. No one seems to care that their mama wants them to stay little! ;)

  3. Kelley Ahearn says:

    I love hearing what you have learned. You are an awesome wife and mother. You are doing this for them and thank you Jesus that your babies don’t understand the stress that you are under!!
    You are blessed,

  4. anajudi says:

    Is he trying to be like his cousin Ellis? Has he switched from his index finger to his middle fingers? Cute picture!

  5. Jenni says:

    Yes we are blessed! This morning when I was telling Aidan that it is looking like we aren’t going to be able to buy the house, he wanted me to make sure that we tell “them” that “we promise we ARE going to do everything and that we aren’t going to trick them and we are going to do ALL the paperwork and stuff.” I think he wants me to assure “them” that we really are trustworthy. Unfortunately “we” aren’t the problem this time :)

    It’s a good lesson for all of us in trusting for God’s best!

    Mom-I don’t think he has decided yet what finger he wants to suck :) He doesn’t suck his index finger anymore, it’s like he can’t find it anymore, now that he’s big enough to find his fingers when he’s sitting up. What a cute boy :)

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