Still waiting…

We were thinking we would be hearing from the lender today, as it turns out, we will be receiving approval papers from the underwriter (who knows who that is?:) tomorrow, and they will have conditions (more inspections needed, more paperwork signed), we will submit to their conditions and then send the paperwork back to the lender to achieve our final loan paperwork. Then they will send the paperwork to the escrow company who will write up the final contract to be signed by all parties.

Today we did receive a copy of the appraisal report which was exciting. There are still several variables that could keep us from obtaining the loan, we are praying for the right timing for paperwork and favor with the escrow company. They are saying they require 10 days between the time they receive the loan paperwork to the time we can sign on the loan, but as of tomorrow we have 10 days until the last day we could sign on the loan because of other reasons. We are not stressing (I am telling myself not to stress). It’s out of our hands and if the Lord wants us to buy this house, He will make a way, it’s not like we haven’t asked Him to make a way :) Please pray with us that the rest of this process will go smoothly and that we are able to get the paperwork into the escrow company in the next couple days. Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement!

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2 Responses to Still waiting…

  1. Kelley Ahearn says:

    Lets give this a try!

  2. Jenni says:

    There that worked :) Thanks for your comments Kelley, sorry I “spammed” you!

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