Update on the house

I know some have you have asked about our flooding and the house that we are buying. Myself and four of our kids have been sick this week, my mom has been here all week and I’ve been packing so it’s been a crazy week! But I thought I would give a quick update…

We are back into the house, we moved back in on Tuesday and got hot water back on Wednesday, the propane tank was tipped upside down in the flooded yard and so the neighbor came over and waded through the water to turn it off. We are pretty much back to normal and have made tons of progress on the packing. Yesterday we went to the neighbor’s and built a temporary coop for the chickens, they will be staying over there while we move and fix up our new home, we will be living with Christian’s parents so we will not be able to care for them at our new home and didn’t feel safe having them way out there. Not sure what kind of wild animals we will be dealing with and would rather be there to discover all of that :) So the packing is going well, and we are scheduled to be completely out by the 31st, that will be so great because that will mean we will be able to really focus on the new house repairs.

And about the purchase of the property. We are going to be hearing back from the lenders on Tuesday, then after that they may have a bit more paperwork for us and we will be closing the loan by the 31st of this month. We know that something could still go wrong and we could not get the house, nothing is set in stone until we have those keys! But we are praying and believing for God’s favor, and are certainly dreaming about what we are going to do with all those rooms! Once we buy the house we are going to be doing a lot of work ourselves, painting, tearing out carpet, putting in a stone hearth for the stove, installing laminate flooring, etc. So we will have tons of work! If anyone has an extra son or daughter or two who wants to learn skills in fixing up a house, we could definitely use the help! (Seriously!) Our goal is to try to get into the house by the end of February, I don’t know how realistic it is but I’m hopeful!

Well, I’m off to do our taxes! Good night!

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