We’re flooded

Yes it’s true. The Samish river has flooded it’s banks and all that lovely water is in our yard. Hoping the chickens will be okay. I will probably take them over to the neighbor’s later today. Going to our friends house today since we can’t use the toilet or sinks :( Will update more later, we will be fine, I don’t think it goes over our driveway and we for sure willl be able to get out of our road because it goes up to the road and only covers the road to one side. Please pray that everyone is safe and that Chris is careful on the road today, there is tons of flooding everywhere here right now!

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2 Responses to We’re flooded

  1. Suzi Searles says:

    Praying right now for all to be safe and for no damage to your home.


  2. Ari says:

    Hey Jenni!
    Oh my goodness! Let me know if there’s something I can do. If you want to come over here with the kids, please do! Otherwise, when you’re ready, I’ll have the four big kids here so you can pack. Maybe Friday, or Monday?

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