Connor’s Baptism

Connor Andrew Burns, baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…

Connor's baptism

What a time of rejoicing! Our little son was baptized on Sunday, a sacrament signifying that He is part of the Covenant. We believe that all children born into Covenant families are part of God’s Covenant. It was such a precious baptism, they always are! He smiled right after pastor Dean poured the water over his head, and Aidan told Nana Joan, “he is SO brave!” :) Here he is in his little outfit he was baptized in…

Connor's baptism

Welcome to the Family Connor Andrew! We love you dearly and pray that God will give us the wisdom to raise you to be a godly man who will follow the Lord all the days of your life. Praise the Lord!

We know that Paedo vs. Credo baptism (infant vs. believer) can be a fairly controversial issue, and that many of our friends and family lean more towards credobaptism. For those of you who are interested in learning more about paedobaptism, here is a website with a bunch of articles that will be able to explain much more clearly than I can :) And for clarification, we do not believe that if a child dies before he/she is baptized that they will go to hell, just the opposite. Well, I do not have time to expound upon the issue right now but please if you are interested, check out this site. I personally have not read every article so I’m not sure what all is there, but we have gleaned much from both RC Sproul Jr. and Douglas Wilson. Blessings to you all! Hope you enjoy the articles!

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  1. Betty Shover says:

    Congradulations on your new son. We were just curious about the baby’s baptism. Have you a Scripture refrence for it? We have never heard of this before, except in some Lutherans. And this particular synod believed that if the infant died before baptism it went to hell. They had no Scripture to back it up. Just wondering. We believe a child must reach the age of “accountability” before they are baptized, and that only after confession of sin is made and Christ’s forgiveness is given. Is this something new? Covanent Family??? You look like you have a wonderful family. Lots of responsibilities with it. God bless you all. In Christ, Pastor & Betty

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