Two months old already?!

100% Boy! And sister...

Okay, what’s the deal here? How did my new born baby hit the two month mark? I did not give him permission to grow out of the new born stage so quickly! He’s growing sooo fast, and as you can see, he’s filling out his clothes quite nicely! This cute little shirt that he’s sporting was from auntie Tam and uncle San, it suites him don’t you think? He’s such a cutie and continues to bring so much joy into our day. The girls just google over him and can’t wait until he wakes up from his nap so they can smother him with kisses. Literally. Sometimes they DO think they can’t wait for him to wake up from his nap so they “help” him a little. Either Cait will find his binkie (in her own mouth) or maybe is the extra pounds of little girl weight on this back that is causing him to lose sleep? Who knows.

We love you little Connor man! You are our precious Christmas gift this year and life could not be better. Seriously, watching our children love on this precious little guy, my heart just overflows with joy to see them interacting with their baby. I know that he will grow up a very loved little guy. Thanks Lord, for this special gift you have placed in our hands, we will take good care of him!

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