Handsome brothers


I love to see all the older kids loving on their baby brother, they LOVE Connor Andrew! By the way, his name IS Connor Andrew! They hardly ever leave out the “Andrew” but always call him by his first and middle name, it’s pretty cute :)

Smiles for you mama!

This is what we get to see nearly every time he finishes nursing. He loves it when we all talk to him and try to get him to smile, he seems to really love all the attention he gets from his siblings. He is such a sweetie. After he coos and smiles for awhile he is ready to go back to sleep, and usually sleeps for a good 2-3 hours which is so nice for mama! So I realized why I like to have the babies nap out in the family room with everyone, if they sleep in a room away from everyone, we don’t get to enjoy them very much because they sleep so much, this way I can see him all day. I love my precious little one, tomorrow he will already be 8 weeks old. Time is going by so quickly! Thank you Lord for blessing us with this precious little man!

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