18 inches of snow!

Aidan is my big snow boy!

Snow makes me laugh!

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this much snow at my house (no matter where I’ve lived!) And we are supposed to get more!

Watching a movie :) Cute sisters!

For western Washington, this is a lot of snow! It’s kept us indoors and at home for most of the week but we have truly enjoyed seeing it come out of the sky, it’s snowed for two days strait! It’s beautiful! The chickens aren’t too crazy about it but we’ve finally figured out how to keep them nice and toasty warm in their coop.

Please, have a seat!

Please come on over and put your feet up, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Sorry if our chairs seem a little cold ;)

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One Response to 18 inches of snow!

  1. Kelley says:

    Snow Snow Snow!! This is the first year our children didn’t run outside at the first flake!! They are having friends over today for hot chocolate and build a snowman or two!!

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