As you can see from the picture, it snowed yesterday! The kids have been enjoying seeing the snow outside. We did manage to get all five of the kids outside in the snow today for about 5 minutes, and by the time I got the baby and I all bundled and outdoors, the girls were both ready to come in. So we didn’t get very many pictures. Eamon played in the snow for a bit longer and Aidan played in it for quite awhile. Then we had a nice time of being indoors the rest of the day. Most of us are sick so it was a nice day of resting, watching movies and doing pretty much nothing! I guess the snow is supposed to stick around for a couple days and then it’s supposed to snow again a little later in the week. :) It’s always fun for the kids, but I have a husband who is out in a delivery truck all day so I’m not all that crazy about it! The truck does great in the snow so I’m not too worried. Well, it’s late I better get to bed. My little boy is trying to fall asleep and he’s sucking on his index finger, what a little cutie! Good night ;)

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2 Responses to Snow!!

  1. nanajudi says:

    What a cute picture!! You got lots more snow than we did, but Aariah, Nathan and Jacob still managed to get good and wet in the snow. It was fun and challenging having them for a whole 24 hours, they are good boys, but they are sure active!!!

  2. a. borealis says:

    How fun! My mom said that you guys had gotten snow. It is always so thrilling on that side of the mountains.

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