Anxiously awaiting our future

Tomorrow we will find out whether or not our bid on the house was accepted. We are pretty hopeful that it will be accepted but feel good that if it is not, God has something better for us in store down the road. If the bid is accepted we will begin the process of buying our first home, it’s so hard to believe! And so hard to not hope that this will come to pass. The kids have been praying at every meal that the Lord will provide for us the money to buy this house, since they were there and got to see how big it is and how fun it would be to live there with all the yard and everything, I’m sure they (especially the boys) have gotten their hopes up too. Hopefully we will have good news to share at some point tomorrow, either way we trust the Lord has our best in mind.

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  1. Kelley says:

    I love your title!
    And who holds your FUTURE!!

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