Love Your Sister!!!

Since we’ve gone indoors for the winter :) we have experienced a little strife between the brotherhood. “Little” is somewhat of an understatement.  Last night I did not scream at my kids, but almost. I did threaten to tape their mouths shut, how many mothers have not wished that it were not cruel to tape your children’s mouths shut? She is a saint. Well, a saint I am not, no matter what some of you who don’t live with me might think. This morning I spanked (gasp!!) both Aidan and Guenna for arguing. Then we had a little talk about how our attitudes bless God or make Him sad. I told them how our obedience is like the smell of cookies warming in the oven, and our disobedience is like the smell of a poopy diaper :) And we talked about how those smells make us feel, they thought it was funny but I think it hit home.

While we were eating our french toast Aidan said, “when you were spanking me it reminded me of when Guenna was a baby and I wasn’t mean to her.” It’s kind of a sad but true revelation, babies are easy to love. So we talked about that for a little bit. Then Aidan, who must have still been in a very reflective mood said, “When I am mean to Guenna, do you know what that means? It means that I’ve forgotten how special she is.” Oh my, make me cry! Only God’s spirit could have revealed that to him! Thank you Lord for speaking to each of us, your children. Please give me wisdom in how to train my children to be cheerful and to long to obey Your commands. I know that it starts with me so help me to be obedient and patient with them. And thank you Father for this sweet reward this morning! I pray that my kids would be like the smell of cookies in the oven to You!

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  1. Kelley says:

    Jenni, I sit here in tears, what a beautiful day! Rejoice!! for the simpleton have received revelation!! You are an awesome momma. God never changes he is always aware of our attitudes and just as He made you aware of your little….I wanna tape their mouths closed!!….(which we do all experience!) to allowing Aidan full revelation of His very heart. Isn’t mothering fun?I truly miss those days,now we are friends which makes life easier, but I do miss those teaching times.
    I love you so

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