The rumor was true…

…Aidan did lose his first tooth today, the day before his daddy’s birthday! We will remember this day. Don’t ask me to remember any of the other teeth that any of my children will lose over the next 20 years ;) Here’s the proud boy, without his tooth!

Aidan lost his first tooth!

So the tooth came out while he was in the van, and he went to hand it to daddy and he dropped it. So the tooth fairy will not be coming tonight, we will try to find the tooth in the morning and maybe she will come tomorrow night :)

Burns family on Thanksgiving

Also, I uploaded a few pictures we took on Thanksgiving. We had such a great time at aunt Janice and uncle Nik’s house, the food was superb! Tomorrow we are going to over to mom and dad Burns’ to celebrate Chris’ 35th birthday. He is getting so old! ;) But I sure do love him, even with all that gray hair! (Actually I really like his gray hair, I think it’s very distinguished and handsome, you can’t say that though because he’s not yours! :) Okay, now off to bed, while the rest of the household is sleeping!

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5 Responses to The rumor was true…

  1. Emily says:

    Chris and Jenni, you have a beautiful family. We are so happy for you.

  2. Kim says:

    Ha! That is so fun! Cami lost a tooth the other day and the tooth fairy “forgot” to come that night… so in the morning he was like “I guess so many kids lost teeth last night she couldn’t make it” and we were like “yes, that is probably it…” luckily the tooth fairy came the next night.:-) Justice and Cami are on to us though but we are keeping the hope alive for the younger ones! Shhhh

  3. karen says:

    that family photo is wonderful. your hands full AND your heart!! that is what i tell people when they tiredly look at me and pathetically say, “you got your hands full…” and then i get to smile and say, “yes, and my heart.” then somehow they perk up and realize that i am the one doing the work and not them so they need not be so weary, and then they get a big sweet smile when they realize i love my job and my kids! what joy…..

  4. Jenni says:

    That’s great Karen! I usually say, “yep, and they are so much fun!” I don’t want my kids to feel the burden that society feels for me, they do keep me busy and stressed at times but I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world 100 times over! Thanks Karen, you are a great mama, your children are blessed to have such a cheerful example for a mother!

  5. Rachel says:

    WOW! Your young man has some gorgeous eyes and eyelashes…makes me want to fall in love with him! :)

    Love all the pictures…your kids are so cute.

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