Sweet boys…

Handsome men :)

Last night, after a long day of shopping and errand running with my sister and our babies, I was sitting on the couch half asleep. Eamon came up to me and said the sweetest thing, it was one of those moments that every mother looks forward to hearing from her son.

“Mommy, you are so pretty. I’m going to marry you mommy when I grow up to be a man.”

Oh Eamon, if you weren’t my son and you were about 30 years older, I’d marry you too! Oh wait, I did! You are just like your daddy :) And I pray that God will grant you the blessing of a beautiful marriage like your daddy and I have, you will be a wonderfully caring husband one day, your wife will be so blessed. Until then, I will enjoy all those sweet comments you make. In four years you will know better, and right about then Connor will be saying the same thing, I hope anyway. My heart is full. Thank you Lord for blessing me, such an unworthy vessel, such a joy filled life, I’m so blessed!

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2 Responses to Sweet boys…

  1. Kelley says:

    I love how men tell the truth. Their hearts see true beauty. For no matter what we see in the mirror they see loveliness!! Women are so blessed!
    You are lovely,

  2. Nicole says:

    I have donuts in my freezer. I was hoping to stop by this week so I could see Tam too but I just couldn’t manage to squeeze it in. Hans and I are going away for TWO NIGHTS!!! To celebrate our anniversary. I wish I could have seen Tamara while she was in town. What a neat surprise. I hope to see you before you baby is 15 pounds anyway! By the looks of him, I better hurry!

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