Surprise!! Meet Cousin Eian!

So cute!
My sister is so sweet! She surprised us with a visit to Washington! She showed up on Sunday and made me cry! I wasn’t expecting to get to meet my sweet little nephew until March, by that time he would practically be saying his ABC’s! She’s going to be here for two weeks total, her husband let her come and help take care of me and my kiddos and my poor sick husband. It has worked out so well because my mom had to go home early and Chris is really sick right now :( He went to the doc this morning and got some antibiotics for what we thought was just a bad cold. Hoping he’s doing better quickly, he has to go back to work on Friday. We are really enjoying our visit with Tam, and Eian seems to really be loving all the attention he’s getting from his big cousins. What a sweet little boy, he must have really good parents! Thanks San for giving up your wife for a couple weeks, and I’m sure it’s a pretty big sacrifice to give up that sweet boy as well, he’s sure a cutie! We are loving our visit.

I’m doing a lot better these days but still having a hard time walking around much, Connor is 5 days old, I guess that’s normal but it seems to be taking forever to be feeling better this time, I guess I had more stitches this time, and he was a pretty big baby! :) Other than that we are all adjusting very well to having another family member. The kids just love him soooo much! He’s doing pretty well getting his nights/days figured out, last night was much better. Well, my wonderful sister has taken all the big kids to our homeschool co-op and Chris is resting and so is Connor so I better do the same if I going to get better by the time everyone leaves me! Just thought I would do a little update. If you click on the picture you can see some of the pictures my sister has uploaded to her flickr account from her visit with us. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Hi Daddy!!!

Thanks sister for flying out to see us, we were all so very surprised and blessed! It’s been so fun seeing you, especially seeing you as a mommy for the first time. You are a wonderful mommy for Eian, he’s a blessed little boy to have a mama who loves him so much! I love you Tam, thanks for looking out for your little sis :)

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  1. Ari says:

    Oh that is soooo awesome! Nothin’ like a sister visit! Eian is super cute too. If there’s any way I can support you guys during Tam’s visit (and of course after), please let me know. Could I bring dinner over soon? Or would something else help? Let me know! We are feeling all better around here, so I’m more available. So happy you have such good help. Hope Chris feels better soon too! Hugs, Ari

  2. Sara says:

    YEA! What a fun surprise!

    Those cousins are just the cutest together!

    Praying for wuick healing for you (as wuick as can be after an almost 10 pound baby…) and can’t wait to hear about the birth (if you plan on sharing…)

    You are so richly blessed, what an awesome family.

  3. Sara says:

    I don’t know why I spelled QUICK with a ‘w’ twice… mommy brain is affecting me extra hard tonight I think.

  4. nanajudi says:

    Sara, I had to laugh, I figured the first wuick was a typo, then thought maybe you were joking the second time! How funny that you didn’t notice til you had already submitted your comment!! :) (My kids will tell you I am “Editor Mom” and notice all these things…so it’s really embarrassing when I make typos of my own that I don’t catch!) ;)

  5. Rachel says:

    Could those two baby boys be any cuter! Sheeshhh…just makes you want to hug them and pinch their cute cheeks! LOL.

    What a nice surprise to have your sister visit…hope Chris is feeling better soon!

  6. April says:

    Congrats, Jenni! I have tried emailing you. I must have and old address. Could you email me?

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