So glad to be on the other side :)

Relieved Mama

This is Jenni, my sweet little boy is a day and a half old and I’m loving being a mommy again! I’m doing pretty good but as all you mamas know, those first couple days can be pretty challenging. My mom and husband are here taking care of all of us.

Connor is a sweet baby boy, he’s a good nurser and seems to have a very mellow personality. I’m hoping that sweet mellow personality sticks :) He has his days and nights all mixed up and only nursed a couple times yesterday but wanted to nurse quite a bit last night, but even still I got lots of good rest he just sleeps with me. I feel so blessed. All the kids are so in love with their baby brother and the boys are very compassionate towards their mama. They were in the room when Connor was born and did so well, they were very curious about everything, wanted to see me getting sewn up and liked seeing the placenta and everything. I think it’s good for them to see all that to get a good picture of where they really came from, no stories about coming from a cabbage patch for the Burns family! :)

Aidan, told me a little while ago. “I really like our baby, he brings so much love into our family, we don’t argue nearly as much.” :) Let’s hope that sticks too! Eamon told our friend Rana when she asked what he thought about watching the baby being born, “I was scared at first until he came out and then I wasn’t scared anymore.” Aidan said, “Mommy cried because she was the happiest mommy in the whole world!” Guenna calls Connor, “MY baby” and just loves him so much. Caitriona can’t seem to get enough of her baby brother, she loves babies so much and her new little brother is no exception. She makes sure that Connor goes nowhere without his “bankie” and if there is a part of the blanket that is hanging down she makes sure that that part gets back on him to cover him up. We may end up having to hide his blankets :) Cait calls Connor, “Nonnor” she’s so cute, I think they will be best buds :)

Well, I think I better get going now. My little man is sleeping soundly and I think I need to try to wake him so he sleeps better tonight. Chris uploaded a bunch of pictures a little bit ago so you can go and see them. And by the way, congratulations to Melody Gross, you won our contest! Please send me an email with your mailing address and we can figure out what kind of coffee to send you. Thanks everybody for joining us in our contest! Melody, my email address is Thank you to all of your for your many thoughts and prayers, we have been so blessed by all of your support and encouraging words. Looking forward to being back to normal again!

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  1. Ari says:

    Oh Jenni! I’m so glad you are on the other side too! You are now able to recover and get stronger every day and you have a new baby boy too. It doesn’t get much better than that! Can’t wait to meet him! Lots of love, Ari

  2. Aunt Jacki says:

    Jen & Chris,
    What a boy!! Congratulations! He reminds me of how Jon looked when he was born. Only he was just a little thing at 9lb. 8oz.! And Brianna was born on Friday at 6:35 PM. Wow. We’re like twins. And our kids are the cutest and smartest in the world!! We HAVE to be related.
    Love you.

  3. Carol says:

    I’m glad to hear all is going so well! Your kids are the sweetest – I love all their comments about their new baby brother ;) I am sure you were the happiest mommy in the whole world at that moment! Hugs to you – and enjoy your sister too! How special :)

  4. Karen says:

    Oh, hooray. We are so happy for you, Chris and Jenni. He is one handsome baby – praise the Lord for his safe and joyous arrival!

    Bless you!
    Karen, for all the rejoicing E’s…

  5. karen says:

    hi jenni (and family)
    you were on my heart today and I hadn’t been to your site in months, so I thought “hey, i wonder when jenny had her baby?” so i will be praying for you!!

  6. Suzi Searles says:

    Congratulations on the birth of Connor, he looks so precious and big. Was he your biggest baby? Glad to hear all is going fine. Wish I could bring up a meal, but since it would be cold by the time I got there I thought I could send you some money to take the family out once you are up to it, or order pizza. I just need your address again.

    Suzi Searles

  7. Jessica says:

    What a precious addition to such a beautiful family!!
    Way to go delivering that baby too!!! WOW! :-)

  8. a. borealis says:

    You look exhausted…! I can’t wait to read your birth story. It is fun to hear about how the big brothers and sisters are loving on him as well. Adorable.

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