Guenna’s new hair style…

Guenna's little whispy braids

Lately I have been braiding Guenna’s hair on the side like this but without the little braids. But half way through the day she has these little wispy hairs that drive her nuts, I either have to re-braid her hair or do something else with it. So today I had thought about putting little clips in the front of her hair to tame down the wispies but then I had another idea, how about braiding the little wispies into a small braid and then incorporating it into her side braid, and it worked wonderfully! It was really easy and she thought she was so pretty! The boys were impressed too, which always makes it even more exciting for her :) She’s such a girl! I can’t wait for Cait to have hair long enough to do stuff with it, don’t get me wrong though, I love her little fountains, she gets a lot of compliments! :)

Hi daddy, I mean, mommy

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5 Responses to Guenna’s new hair style…

  1. Rachel M says:

    Cute braids!

    There is a website that I’ve seen that shows you all these cool designs you can do with braiding…if I come upon it again I’ll copy it and send it your way. The lady has made flowers and such just with braids!

  2. nanajudi says:

    Wow! You have been prolific the last couple of days! I’ve been coming here several times a day, and nothing new, now I didn’t get a chance to check you out all day at work, (not even time for a break, barely time to search for my lunch, only to find it in the garbage, and then go buy lunch) :(, and I have checked twice tonight, and voila!! 3 or 4 new posts!! Nana is ready for you to come as well, Baby Boy Burns!! Cute braids, Guenna, now Mommie knows how much fun it was for Nana Judi to braid her hair! (Even if she did fuss about having it done!)

  3. Krystle says:

    Your girls have THE CUTEST hair!! Seriously! I can see why they get so many compliments… you’re family is just so dang cute!

  4. a. borealis says:

    They are so adorable! I love the braids and the fountains – LOL.

    I’m thinking about you and your new babe. May he come soon and VERY soon. =)

  5. Kim says:

    Oh goodness, could you make me any sadder? Sigh… I wish I could do cute stuff like that!! Whenever I visit Monika and Cory I spend every morning french braiding her girls hair, or doing new cute hairstyles…
    Hope your baby comes soon
    love you

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