Our Little Contest

Here are the ones who voted in our contest, and the dates and times they voted for. To be honest, I’m hoping for someone who voted for say the 27th of October, to be the winner! :) I just wish I knew when he was coming, then I could stop thinking, “Is THIS it?!!! Oh well, I’m sure he will come one of these days! (By the way, you can’t change your vote, and sorry for those of you who may not have seen the contest, you were supposed to vote by October 17th) The winner will win a bag of some delicious coffee :) Well, here’s to either Amy or Mother Hen ;)

Here are the votes…

October 27, 5:00am – Amy Kelley
October 27, 9:30pm – Mother Hen
October 28, 8:05am – My Boaz’s Ruth
October 28, 10:15am – Andrea Nash
October 29, 2:22am – Suzi Searles
October 30, 3:08am – Sara Halloran
October 30, 8:00pm – Jennie Powell
October 31, 4:00am – Kelly Gross
October 31, 12:00pm – Kim Cunningham
November 1, 1:00am – Robin Webberly
November 1, 4:30am – Uncle Sanford
November 1, 2:16pm – Rachel McAskill
November 2, 2:00am – Ellen Evans
November 2, 3:10am – Nana Joan
November 2, 6:30am – Christine
November 2, 8:19am – Auntie Carrie
November 2, 4:32pm – Nicole Stol
November 2, 6:00pm – Liz Kirkman
November 2, 8:45pm – Sherri Alexander
November 3, 2:20am – Auntie Tamara
November 3, 2:30am – Roberta Staigle
November 3, 5:37am – Catherine Edwards
November 4, 3:30am – Jenna White
November 4, 9:23am – Carol Easterly
November 4, 12:30pm – Adele Aguilar
November 5, 3:14am – Alecia Silva
November 6, 6:30am – Kim C
November 6, 5:36pm – Shannon Smith
November 7, 1:33am – Nana Judi
November 8, 8:00am – John Aguilar

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4 Responses to Our Little Contest

  1. Jessica says:

    Sweet mama! Hang in there!
    I know that no matter how many babies we have we start to wonder at the end of each if we just might be pregnant forever!!
    My c-section was 2 days before I turned 40 weeks and I had a big ol’ baby in this 5 foot frame of mine and I was looking at my husband with tears in my eyes at times as if to say “Help me!” :-).
    But, unlike you, I had that scheduled c-setion date on the calendar so I knew with a doubt there was an end in sight.
    But, any minute now your baby boy will show up and make his grand entrance! I pray for your sake sooner than later. I am confident however that you will not be the first woman in history who’s baby decides to hang out in there until his 18th birthday or so! :)
    Many blessings!
    Can’t wait to hear your birth story!
    Love, Jess

  2. Karrie says:

    Hi guys:

    I’m sorry I didn’t vote. I meant to do it at the last minute but ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery. I’m all good now and back to work full time. Please call me after the baby comes when you are up for visitors.

    God bless you!!!


    ps… my unofficial vote is November 1st at 5pm. :)

  3. Robin says:

    Hi Jenni, good to hear your voice. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in…I think that it will either be me or Uncle San that wins the coffee bag. Sorry you have to wait a couple more days?!

  4. nana says:

    I already told you about my “very bad, horrible day”, so I wont bore you with that again. After today, though, I am ready for you to have this baby so I can take a week off work!! So you don’t have to wait til the 7th, I don’t like coffee anyway!! Funny that John and I, neither of whom like coffee, guessed the last dates. Probably to give the coffee lovers a chance, we’re just kind like that, right, John?!!

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