Upside Down Baby-Update

Well, I was just slightly disappointed at my midwife appointment today. She checked in on the baby and decided that she couldn’t be 100% sure that he is head down, she said she was 80% sure but that she would feel better if I went ahead and got an ultrasound to make sure. This has been the case with the last three babies (Guenna, Cait and now this one), have had to do an ultra sound at around 36-37 weeks. He’s still really high and so it’s hard for her to tell and she doesn’t want to chance it with a breech baby at 37+ weeks that will be really difficult to flip, the bigger he gets. So tomorrow I will schedule an appointment to have a quick ultrasound, probably on Monday. It’s always fun to see the baby in there, the only reason why I’m disappointed is because it’s just another appointment, which is difficult with all the kiddos and a pregnant mommy. Oh well, it’s almost over, I will not complain :) I will also not complain that I gained about 10 lbs in two weeks! Yikes! I’m feeling it too, I must have gained about half of that just in the last two days, my hands/arms/legs feel really tight and swollen, I’m really retaining water this week. My legs were really swollen right above my socks so when I took my socks off last night there was a definite bulge, it looked pretty funny. Okay, only about four more weeks of gaining and then I can start losing :)

Oh, I wanted to add that Charlotte had her baby (my midwife) he is absolutely adorable! His name is Jedediah and he’s just a little doll. Charlotte is doing really well. I will hopefully post a picture of him later for those of you who know Charlotte and would like to see a picture of her baby.

Well, I’m tired and need to get off the computer. So good night :)

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  1. Ari says:

    I hope the ultrasound goes well Jenni! I know that it feels so hard in the last few weeks to haul the kids, let alone yourself, around town! Let me know if you need to drop the kids off sometime so you can do something on your own in these next few weeks. Hope we can get together soon!

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