Upside Down Babies

Yesterday I was explaining to the boys that my midwife is going to check tonight to make sure that our baby is head down. Of course they wanted to know why and I explained it to them. Then this morning Aidan was remembering that Charlotte is going to check tonight to see if our baby is upside down (they were very impressed with the fact that he is always upside down). Then Aidan started in on this thought trail about how “what if God made the world one big flat circle…” I didn’t quite follow him, I think he was thinking that some of the people on our earth are upside down. I said, “that’s the cool thing, God made our world in a way that nobody is upside down!” Eamon piped in, “Yeah, nobody except your baby!” The funny thing was that he was serious, he could have been making a witty joke, I love the innocence of children and how they see life so literally.

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  1. The Sister says:

    I laughed soo hard! What cute little boys you have!!! I love it!

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