Toddler Craft Part 2 – Homeschooling with Preschoolers

I’ve been meaning to post another preschool craft. I skipped last week because I didn’t do one last week. I was in organize mode last week and that was my focus, so now that my life is a little back to “normal” I feel like I can be a little more creative this week. Plus, I’m in charge of the preschool craft for our homeschool co-op that meets weekly. I like it because it keeps me on my toes, pushing me to new levels of creativity :)

Toddler Craft - Four Seasons

This week’s craft was about the four seasons. I divided the page into 4 equal sections and wrote the name of each of the seasons in one of the sections. Then thought of one simple thing that would signify that season. Of course we talked about each one and had the kids help describe them. I also read a couple of books I had on hand that showed more about the seasons. One of the ladies there brought the butterfly stamps, which all the kids loved! She had several flower stamps but all the kids wanted the butterfly, if you don’t have a stamp, cut out circles of colorful construction paper and make a daisy-like flower. For winter we glued on the cotton balls for snow, the summer we glued on a big yellow cirlce for the sun and the kids drew on the sun beams, then for fall we had the kids color some leaves that we had printed ahead of time, we cut them out and they got to place them on their paper.

Very simple and fun project! You can definitely be creative with this and think up your own stuff to represent each season, you might let the kids glue on some sand for the summer, or get real leaves for the fall. The options are endless, have fun with it!

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  1. Kim says:

    What a fun craft, thanks for sharing!

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