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Aidan pasting the alphabet

Today I had a great idea, I thought it was at least! I am always looking for a craft idea, that is educational and different for my kids, and ideas that are quick and easy to prepare. So I’m going to push myself to come up with a craft idea for the kids, at least once a week. Blog about them to share them with you all, and hope that it inspires someone. And in return, please share your ideas with the rest of us, either on your own blog or in the comments. I will keep a category of “Toddler Crafts” under my Homeschooling category so if you are ever drawing a blank you can look here for some ideas, please email me a link to your blog entry if you do one and I would love to include a link in my next Toddler Craft post. Anyway, that’s my idea, my goal is every week but you know how that goes sometimes, even if I just do them here and there it will be lots of fun!

Today’s craft was inspired by a magazine called Above Rubies that I like to read about mothering. It’s so simple and yet the boys absolutely loved it! Aidan is always trying to find things he can cut up and Eamon is just getting into wanting to do craft stuff so this was perfect. I just wrote out the alphabet for each of the boys and had them cut out the letters and paste them onto a piece of construction paper, in order. Boys especially, need purpose. This was a great way to give me a little time to prepare dinner on my own and know that they were doing something constructive.

Eamon pasting the letter

As you can see, Eamon needed a little more guidance than he was receiving. I had planned to let them do this while I was finishing up dinner. I didn’t know how Eamon would do but thought he would enjoy it anyway. I heard Eamon exclaim to me, “I’m having lots of fun mommy!” And as I listened I realized that his scissors were cutting really fast, which had to mean that he was not as “on track” as I had thought he might be. He was having a blast cutting the letters he had tediously cut into squares, into tiny little pieces. So the letters you see cut out, most of them I helped him with :) And the whole “in order” thing, is just a little boring when you are three! Oh well, like he said, he was having lots of fun. And that is what mattered most. Although I did tease the boys, and told them that if they did it wrong we would make them do it over again until they got it right. Thankfully my boys know when I’m just joking, they usually say, “you’re funny mom.” :)

So how about you? Have you been inspired to do any projects lately? We have been working on flags too, maybe I will do that one next. Please share your ideas, my brain could definitely use some fresh ideas! Like I said, especially ones that you can prepare on the fly, with little effort and basic supplies. Thanks for stopping by!

Alphabet toddler craft

We finished our craft today, and I let Eamon have another shot at it and Guenna got to do it too. I must say though that Guenna was much easier to help than Eamon! She was very focused and got it done quickly with very little help. Eamon on the other hand, suggested that I put all the alphabet in a row so he didn’t have to search for the letters. I did this and even still he was very distracted and kept wanting to be a little more “creative.” It’s fun to see the differences in the kids, especially since they are all so close together. Homeschooling will be (already is) fun!

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  1. Zach says:

    Sometimes we let our boy cut out letters and pictures of kitties and dogs and stuff from magazines (ones already heading for the recycling pile) and glue them onto construction paper. That’s fun too.

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  3. Nicole says:

    You inspired me. I let Elizabeth cut strips out of a brown paper grocery bag. I helped her staple them together (which normally she does herself but the stapler we had to use here at the Stol’s was really hard to push down) to make one big long banner. I wrote the alphabet out like you did and she cut them out. I did two alphabets though upper case and lower case. Then we stapled them in order but left a space between the upper and lower case letters. Then she drew a picture of an object that started with the letters in the space between the upper and lower case letter. A (picture of an apple) a B (picture of a balloon) b …etc. She only drew pictures until G then it was time to move on. She spend a lot of time on it. We’ll continue adding pictures as she shows interest. I’ll have to take a picture of her creation. It’s so fun watching our children learn and grow.

    You should see if your library has a book on tape called The Chocolate touch. It’s about and hour and half long. My girls (two older) really enjoyed it. In fact longer books on tape might be a really great help to you as you get closer to your due date to keep the kids occupied with something other then destroying the house. Not that your little angels would do such a thing!

  4. Jenni says:

    Fun ideas! We never really have magazines around here but they could always cut out the grocery adds, and I’m sure they would love it! It would be fun making an alphabet out of the letters they see in the adds too:)

    Nicole, I like your idea of adding pictures. So did Morgan do one too? It’s always interesting to me to see how differently the kids involve themselves in the projects that I have them do. Aidan is getting to the age where he loves it all, Guenna wants my complete attention and wants to do it all, Eamon just isn’t quite there yet and that’s okay.

  5. My favorite Crafty website is Chasing CHeerios:

    Her daughter is a year older than my Obed, but it has great ideas and I am keeping an eye on favorites for later. Although its hard to imagine, right now, him being focused enough to sit still and do a lot of these!

    We’re moving to Texas September 8th. At least we’ll still have blogs etc :)

  6. Kim says:

    I love your idea Jenni! Thanks for sharing, I will let you know if I come up with anything fun

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