More sick days

This morning I woke up to a delightfully back to normal knee, no tears or breaks I’m sure! Thank you Lord! But when I stood up I realized that I was feeling awfully queazy, it was only 5:00, maybe I was just still really tired? But then when Chris woke me around 7:15, I usually make his lunch and fry up a couple eggs for him, it’s been a nice routine since his job changed to delivery a couple months ago. I told him that I was feeling really sick and asked him to make his own lunch. By the time he had finished, about 7:30, all the kids were awake so he changed the girls and made a bunch of toast for the kids and that is all they got to eat until lunch, besides the water they got for themselves out of the bathroom. I laid on the couch for awhile but the kids seemed to want to cling to me on the couch, so I moved the production to our king size bed, much more room and I could get away from them a little better. I have had a fever all day, the aches, and have just felt pukey all day long.

Chris got off a little early and now he is at Fred Meyer’s trying to find something for the kids to eat, we got paid today so we are out of everything, not good timing! One nice thing about being sick is that I have been laying around all day, and because I’ve been off my feet all day my old friends, my ankles have returned to me. I was so glad to see them today, I had thought that maybe I had lost them permanantly due to the weight gain I had found during these past 29 weeks of pregnancy during the summer. But alas, they are still there just hiding beneath a bunch of fluid, so glad to see you again! But I’m sure I wont see you again until say mid-November!

And I just have to share a funny conversation that took place on the couch this morning. Guenna was holding a little “computer” as we call it, it’s actually an old pager with a little screen and buttons, looks like a tiny laptop. Guenna was trying to say computer, “com-peter, com-peter.” I thought that she was doing pretty good and didn’t correct her but said, “that’s good Guenna.” Eamon was not so easily satisfied. He said, “NO Guenna, it’s not com-PETE-r, it’s com-PUTE-r…like puke.” You can imagine that the conversation went south after that explanation, and Guenna never did get to try to perfect her new word. What a bunch of goofy kids!  I’m glad they can find joy in my sufferings :)

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4 Responses to More sick days

  1. Kelley says:

    I love how you love your babies!!

  2. The Auntie says:

    Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud about Eamon’s teaching tactics! That was hilarious! I love it! Thanks for sharing your story! Hope you get well quickly and can get some good rest.
    Love you! Talk to you soon!

  3. nanajudi says:

    Well, Jen, I’m glad your knee is better, and that you found your ankles for a bit, but I’m sorry you got the pukeys!! Is it the same thing Christian had the other day? I hope it doesn’t last any longer than his did!!
    Hope you’re better REAL soon!! I love you!

  4. Jenni says:

    Thanks ladies, I’m feeling somewhat better today. The only difference between mine and Chris’s is that I never actually vomitted, and was able to eat little bits throughout the day yesterday, just felt pukey. So I’m thinking if I rest today I should feel much better by this evening. And hopefully have lots of energy tonight or tomorrow morning because I have to buy groceries! :) And my mom is coming over tomorrow and I don’t want her to get sick! :) You’re grandkids are really looking forward to seeing you nana Judi, they had me draw a picture of you on our wall calendar this morning! :)

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