Who’s Who?

Sitting at the table this morning during breakfast Guenna decided to let us all know what she thought of some of us.  She said…

“Daddy’s a man…mommy’s a monster…Guenna’s a princess!” (first two phrases spoken with somewhat of a contemplative thought, and the last spoken with a cheery confidence :)

Then, as usual, Aidan felt the need to finish her thought, he says…”I’m the king, and Cait’s a princess and Eamon’s a prince.” Eamon wasn’t too happy with his position. But at least he was a human, I mean, come on! All this mommy does for you all and no one is defending that mommy is something more than a monster?!!! Come on guys, where’s the love? ;) We all laughed out loud at this interchange. And this my friends is one of the best things about sitting down to meals together. If you don’t do it, you really need to try it! Well, I’m tired and I really need to get to bed so, good night!

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  1. Sis says:

    Oh my . . . What a girl!! I would have really loved to get that on tape!

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