Cute Boys

Before I forget I just have to write down the cutest thing Eamon said yesterday. The kids were looking at the big calendar I have on the wall, I have a bunch of little pictures signifiing events we will be attending and the kids were admiring the stick figures and talking about which ones were their favorites. Eamon says out of the blue… “I like ladies, I wanna marry a lady.” Of course Aidan pipes in his two cents, “Yeah Eamon, you have to marry a lady because you’re a boy!” But I could tell that Eamon wasn’t just making an initial discovery about ladies, it’s definitely something he’s thought of before, just restating what he already knows to be true. I love little boys, they may have tons of energy and drive me bonkers sometimes but there is something so amazing about watching this little man evolve from a tiny little boy. They are constantly making comparisons between daddy and I. They will say things like, “yeah, you cant do that mommy because you’re not strong like daddy.” Just matter of fact, no offense intended. It is so fun to watch those chivalrous qualities developing as well. Like last night for instance, I will often get bad headaches that will put me out of commission for awhile and the kids are beginning to understand this. The last headache I had Eamon, upon hearing that I had a headache said, “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well mommy, that’s no good :(” And last night Aidan was telling daddy, “Tomorrow if mommy says, ‘I have a bad’ headache and you (daddy) tell me that she has a headache, I will say, “I know, and I will take care of her.” Even though they can’t really do much for me at this point in their lives, there is something so amazing about knowing that if they were not only 3 and 5 years old, they would. I love my little growing boys!

One last cute thing. I like to talk to the kids about their dreams for their future (Aidan wants to own a watermelon store currently, and Eamon wants to help him with that). Well, I was talking to Guenna about how we’ll go into business together when she’s a woman. Aidan joined in, “yeah and I will work in the store too because then we will be friends.” Speaking of he and I. I don’t remember ever having told him that but he’s pretty perceptive and I think he’s gathered that from the relationship he sees between Chris and I, and his nana and papa. Such a cute little man!

By the way, we are back from camping! We had a blast and we’re so glad to be home. Soon I will post pictures of our trip but I’m still just trying to get back into the swing of things, and I’ve been working a lot on our garden so I’ve been busy!

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3 Responses to Cute Boys

  1. Kelley says:

    Glad you are back!! Will be waiting to here how your camping trip went and the wonderful stories that were told!
    Love you,

  2. Sis says:

    I love it! A watermelon store!! Tell Aidan that I would come buy watermelons from him because I know that he would grow the most delicious watermelons in the world! :-)

    I love your stories, sister! So, do you think that Eamon was announcing his preference to lady-like women, as opposed to just a plain old woman who isn’t a “lady”?

    I’m so excited to meet my little boy, to see what kind of little personality he has and watch him develop into a little man. However, I don’t want him to grow up too fast, but I know it’s inevitable!
    Love you sis!

  3. Nicole says:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures! Don’t forget to send me the dates your budget allows.

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