I got a Green Star juicer!

They are really impressed with the new juicer

For those of you who know about juicing, this juicer is amazing! The pulp is totally dry when it comes out and I’m getting a lot more juice for how many vegetables I am juicing. Tonight we made ice cream from frozen fruit, it was absolutely amazing! We are going to get years of use out of this machine and will probably use it daily if not multiple times a day! I can make juice, nut butters, ice cream, soup, and if I had the other attachments I could make pasta and bread sticks (among many other things). Anyway, this tool is going to be a great benefit to the health of our family, thanks for letting me get it hon!

Green Lemonade, before I mixed it-isn't it beautiful?!

Green Lemonade Just wait until you see the ice cream we made tonight, simply from frozen fruit, that’s it! It was delicious, although I think it gave the kids a bit of a fruit sugar high, they were really wired before bed time! :) You gotta live a little right?!

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  1. Woah….I checked in with you like yesterday, and then today, and I felt like I hadn’t read your posts for days! I love your posts!

    We juice too, sometimes! We forget….

    Your chickens are great…

    Your kids are even better!

    Leanne in Longview

  2. Tam says:

    Sis! I love the juicer! I just checked you website this evening. I love that you can make so many things and it’s all natural! I think we need to get rid of some gadgets that we don’t use and get one of these. Let me know what it is and where you got it. Actually, I think I’m just going to call you right now!
    Hope it isn’t too late! Love you!

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